• Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Terror threat: DSS arrests Abuja-Kaduna train manager over leaked memo

DSS raises alarm over plots to destabilize Nigeria

The Department of State Services (DSS) has arrested Pascal Nnorli, the manager of the Abuja-Kaduna Train Services. His arrest is in connection with the leak of a memorandum alerting people to a potential terrorist threat against the Abuja-Kaduna railway.

According to information gathered from a recorded conversation between the Punch newspaper and an anonymous source, the Nigerian Railway Corporation said that the manager was arrested along with the operations manager, Victor Adamu, and other staff members.

This arrest is in pursuance of preventing a potential attack on the Abuja-Kaduna train brought to the attention of the public by the DSS on Wednesday.

In an official memorandum issued under the signature of Director R.N. Adepemu, head of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Command of the DSS, passengers travelling by train have been cautioned to exercise vigilance regarding their security.

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The NRC source said, “Do you know that they have arrested our manager since last Thursday – the two of them, the operation manager and Pascal? But they have released one of them.

“Victor is a victim of circumstances because they met him in Pascal’s office, so they arrested him together with all of Pascal’s staff and took them to the DSS office. Pascal is still there now.”

According to an insider, the arrest is believed to be linked to the unauthorised disclosure of the DSS memorandum.

The source alleges that this letter contained highly confidential information regarding the impending attack and was originally intended for the Managing Director of the NRC.

Notably, the letter explicitly cautioned that any unauthorised release could result in arrests.

It said, “I couldn’t tell why they arrested them but what I am hearing is they said one letter concerning this Abuja-Kaduna attack, they wrote one letter to our Managing Director and it states clearly that if the letter leaks, it can lead to arrest and according to DSS it was Pascal’s office they dropped the letter and the letter leaked and went viral.”