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Schneider Electric launches partnerships of the Future initiative to address climate change

In a bid to address the global urgency of climate change and the accelerating energy transition, Schneider Electric has launched an initiative called Partnerships of the Future, a program aimed at addressing the global urgency of climate change, energy transitions and increasing energy demand.

According to a document from Schneider Electric, the initiative is committed to enabling a green recovery, supporting the megatrends of mass digitization, and greater electrification, in a bid to ensure sustainability and energy efficiency at scale.

Under a vision called ‘All-Electric, All Digital New Electric World’, powered by abundant clean energy, or Electricity 4.0; the company also aim to empower its robust network of partners with high-paced, built to demand, supportive and simplified products complete with native connectivity, making sustainable and electrical safety goals achievable.

“The convergence of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT), combined with the increasingly digital and electric world, allows us to offer smart interoperable solutions, systems, and products that do not cost more to build and commission while bringing substantial cost efficiencies and operational synergies to the marketplace,” Rohan Kelkar, Executive Vice-President of Power Products, said.

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He added, “Digital technologies are a catalyst for business growth. Yet, the inherent complexities that digital transformation projects bring with them may cause decision paralysis and implementation delays.”

Kelkar noted that the company’s goal is to face up to the digital challenge and enable the market through ‘Partnerships of the Future’ by equipping the firm’s partners with strategies, solutions, and services for increased sustainability and efficiency.

Schneider Electric also states that it wants its partners to openly collaborate with one another, to share and learn for mutual benefit and, by extension, the benefit of their customers.

With more than 650,000 members, 300 apps, and 100-plus communities, Schneider Electric open ecosystem enables collaboration with other electrical contractors and peers, access to a state-of-the-art technology portfolio, the opportunity to stay up to date with the rapid evolution of the markets in order to help generate new sales leads.

MySchneider Partner Program encourages transformative and collaborative solutions within Schneider Electric’s energy management ecosystem with curated content for partners.

Some of these connectivity solutions include the new iconic TeSys™ Giga, which features native digital connectivity and is packed with 56 new patents; and the PrismaSeT™ active low-voltage switchboard, which is an industry-first product to include built-in cloud connectivity, providing instant access to intelligent alarming, energy usage analysis, trends, and preventative maintenance plans.

With the launch, Schneider Electric says it reaffirming its commitment to provide open, simple to deploy digital solutions to drive sustainability and efficiency, enabling industry-wide collaboration and partnerships in the New Electric World.

“New programs help strengthen our partners’ position in the world of connected solutions and drive industry innovation,” Schneider Electric said.

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