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Reps uncover plans for massive attacks on Southern Kaduna after Eid break

...Condemn killings, kidnappings in the zone

The Southern Kaduna Caucus in the House of Representatives says it has been informed of plans to launch massive and coordinated attacks on their people after the Thursday and Friday Eid-il-Kabir break.

The Caucus comprising five members of the House of Representatives from the Southern Kaduna Zone disclosed this on Wednesday in Abuja at press conference with parliamentary reporters.

Leader of the Caucus and House Minority Whip, Gideon Gwani, called on people of the area to remain vigilant to avoid massive loss of lives and properties.

Gwani said the bandits usually give information before launching attacks such as they did last weekend in Southern Kaduna, leaving about 20 people dead and security agents were notified.

“Even before these attacks that happened recently in Southern Kaduna and the one in Jama/Sanga that happened just last about five days ago, we had heard the information.These people when they are coming, they even give us information: ‘we are coming’.

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“We have informed the security agents. I have told my DPO to extend that information to his superiors and he has taken that information seriously as he has told me but these attacks are still going on.

“It is important to note that we also have information that they are going to attack massively and coordinatively in Southern Kaduna after the Sallah break. We are calling on our people to be vigilant and we are asking them to do all they can to keep themselves alive,” he said.

The lawmaker condemned the constant raiding, killings and kidnappings of the people, describing the actions as unconstitutional, criminal and inhuman, hence all hands must be on decks to checkmate the ugly scourge within the ambits of the rule of law.

He identified herdsmen and farmer clashes, forceful land grabbing by non-natives of southern Kaduna, reprisal attacks, banditry criminality as some of the major causes of the killings and hostilities in Southern Kaduna.

According to the Minority Whip: “These problems can only be solved if the rule of law is allowed to take its full course. Rule of Law entails adherence to the principles of supremacy of the law over all citizens and subjects in Nigeria, equality of all citizens and subjects before the law.

“As representatives of the people of Southern Kaduna, we hereby: State unequivocally that the life of every citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, regardless of ethnic, religious or ideological differences must be protected as required under Section 14(2)(b) CFRN 1999(as amended).

“Condemn the armed attacks and killings of the people of Southern Kaduna by the armed militia groups or any group whatsoever no matter their motive and we condemn the justification of any attacks on our people or any reprisal attack.

“The Federal Government as well as the State Government have both made efforts in the past to stem this ugly tide. Such efforts must be increased, it must be people centred, it must be more transparent and effective.

“The People of Southern Kaduna should be vigilant and law abiding and avoid taking laws into their hands, regardless of any provocation. They should co-operate with law enforcement officers and report these miscreants when necessary.

“We call for the arrest, investigation, prosecution and conviction where necessary of these attackers so that they can desist from unleashing mayhem on the people of Southern Kaduna”.

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