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Re-imagining the Online Business as Additional Income during Pandemic – NetPlus Wants to Create New Revenue Lines for SMEs

How blissful is it that we live in an era where you can conduct the entirety of your business online even without living your couch?
Many use online sales as additional income while for others it becomes a full time job, whichever the case, the one common thing online sales share is- they leverage the unlimited benefits of digital products.

Why is this Conversation Important?
The Rise of Covid-19 has left the world in complete disarray and uncertainty; every economy, business and government has had no choice but to evolve with the times- rethink what was once considered normal and instead, function with what works.

The World has changed and that’s a fact but what’s not immediately obvious are the Macro and Micro changes that will happen in our economy. The Digital economy is already affected, most individuals who are engaged in Ride Hailing and Rent share businesses have seen a slow in the business following the recent lockdown, yet no new jobs, people who were once gainfully employed have lost their livelihood, many other industries and businesses have had no choice but to shut their doors. Question is, WHAT NEXT?
Opportunities in the Online Business

In these last few months, many brick and mortar businesses have been able to stay functional because they moved their offerings and services online- technology has proven to be one of the most, if not the most vital phenomenon of human existence. However, as obvious as the impacts of transitioning online has proven to be, it still does not cover every single variable, but the variables it does cover, it sure covers well.
The thing is, the popularity of online selling especially during this pandemic is not entirely about just selling products but more about how it has kept businesses alive and individuals earning.
But the biggest question for anyone interested in an online business is- WHAT TO SELL?
Selling physical products can prove to be such a headache- capital is the number one factor that may discourage any prospect, there is branding and also logistics to think about but there is another option that has proven infinitely better- digital products/services.

The Beauty that is the Reselling of Digital Product/Services
Although, reselling is a rather broad topic and cannot be limited to just one niche, the opportunities surrounding the reselling of digital services/products are endless and even with no background in sales, you can still earn a proper living from reselling. Reselling business opportunities are a great way to start a home-based business, it is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to kick start a reliable living in the digital market.
It is true that it may take some time in deciding on what to sell but once that is cleared, it is relatively easy to get the business up and running. Even better is when you’re presented with the opportunity to resell without worrying about factors like capital; there a number of platforms that now offer this option.

Business Corner by NetPlusPay
An emerging segment in Digital Economy is Financial Inclusion, and specifically the role played by Mobile Money agents in providing financial services to those in sub-urban and rural parts of the country. Data from the Nigeria Interbank Settlement System (NIBSS) shows there are as many as 50,000 active agents nationwide driving billions in digital financial transactions monthly.
However, considering a rural population that is more than 100million people, the ratio is about one agent to 2,000 customers which implies, there is more than enough room for expansion, but beyond cash-in, cash-out and bills payment in sub-urban Nigeria, there is a movement online to drive similar revenue from financial transactions. We have seen lately the expansion of e-commerce businesses by many retailers and SMEs, and as an extension, these businesses can generate incremental revenue by working as payment agents for several billers across the country

To facilitate and accelerate the new branch of digital economy, a leading Fintech in Nigeria, NetPlusDotCom, is launching a new platform called Business Corner which was created with the next door hustler in mind and without capital allows the individual make earn money online. The platform provides an instant corner for every business after registration, and in your corner are all the leading billers include Airtime from Telcos, Cable subscriptions from major players including DSTV and StarTimes, and all the major Power Distribution companies in Nigeria. Each registered business can share their corner with their network and earn money from every transaction completed in their corner. The corner also comes with a PayMe button of which the business can receive online payment through cards and bank account all without any upfront investment.

NetPlus fondly calls it the ultimate side hustler’s piece of every pie. For information on how to get started, visit:

To help SMEs understand the workings of the platform, the company is organizing a Webinar which takes place on Friday, July 24th at 1pm local time. The webinar will feature several leading voices in Digital Technology, Payment and Training.
To register for the webinar or get more information, click here:

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