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Port Harcourt innovative ICT firm drills hole into N300BN annual digital education market with over 20 market size

Nigeria’s digital education with online connectivity network is said to be as huge as N300BN per annum covering over 20 million students so far in Nigeria alone. It has prospects of mass deployment into Africa and beyond. In fact, some of those at the unveiling in Port Harcourt called for an Africa-driven online university to teach the world.

The Port Harcourt-based innovative IT firm, Cinfores, which revealed this last week in the Garden City, is believed to have drilled a hole into the 20 million market size with various digital deployments that are opening up opportunities for the firm into the new market.

By the way the market would operate, over 20 million students would now have to combine both in-class learning and online or digital learning processes that would not only protect students from infectious (contact) diseases such as Covid-19 but would create intensive learning options that offer 100 per cent success guarantees in examinations. This process is said to be bringing schools to homes in the North East of Nigeria where insurgents are making it difficult for students to go to schools.

Parents that have so far tested and tasted the innovation said at the launch of Brainfriend Premium in Port Harcourt that students easily score over 300 in joint examination board tests to get slots in university admissions. The teaching methods in the software are said to turn students into top brains.

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The director of administration and human resources, Ikechi Nwogu, who explained details of the emerging market to Businessday, said Nigeria has over 20 million students across the board (primary to university) that need digital learning support.

According to him, subscription to Brainfriend takes a maximum of N15,000 per year per student and minimum of N10,500. By this, the market is as huge as N300BN per year should all students subscribe to Brainfriend or any other available application that brings schools to homes.

Nwogu who is part of the initial four brains and later 15 top directors and 150 others working in a digital compound to create and develop the new learning system said the main aim of Brainfriend was to stop examination fraud.

When his team lead by the CEO, Ibifuro Asawo, began to market the idea 19 years ago, they told the likes of BB Fakae then Rector of the Bori Polytechnic and later Vice Chancellor of the University of Science and Technology (now Rivers State university) that the innovation would put an end to examination malpractice.

Then, Brainfriend had 3000 solved past questions and answers before it developed to 30,000 and now over 70,000 questions with solving, videos, and many other add-ons.

Their message then to university community and schools heads was that the innovation would cut out opportunity to cheat in any exam.

The massive response led to Computer Based Tests (CBT) system which many universities embraced and oil corporations used it to select scholars and conduct semester examinations.

This was one of the systems that made the UST one of the best universities in the world and number one state government-run university in Nigeria at that time.

Nwogu described the innovation as something with amazing results. He mentioned the early institutions that applied it to get such results as Rivers State Polytechnic, UST, University of Port Harcourt, Elechi Amadi Polytechnic, and several organizations that wanted to get fraud-free scholarship tests.

He said many organizations in Rivers State and branches of the government have engaged Cinfores to develop digital management systems to interface with customers and the public to reduce or eliminate contact processes that can easily be fraught with fraud and manipulations.

Giving insight, the CEO, Asawo, in his address, welcomed the public and academic community to where he called “Cinfores Campus’ at Okujiagu area of Trans-amadi to unveil the latest version of Nigeria’s foremost e-learning and examination preparatory software.

He said: “The journey that began over 16 years ago has brought forth innovations that have added value to the education sector and other sectors of the economy.

“Today, we have come to show the world what technology can do to improve teaching and learning in our schools in Nigeria and the rest of Africa. This solution is indigenous and tailored to handle most of the challenges faced in our education sector.

“Before the pandemic, we had challenges such as the lack of qualified teachers, infrastructural materials, properly equipped schools and lots more; the pandemic has further compounded these challenges by adding the need to observe the COVID-19 protocol as our schools prepare to resume.

“Truth be told, only technology can give us the leverage we require as a country to provide access to quality education to over 40 million school-aged children in Nigeria. Cinfores Brainfriend has been playing this role of providing such quality education to Nigerians in the last decade and we have not rested on our oars. That is why today, we have invited you to join us as we unveil the future of education in Nigeria and Africa – post-pandemic.

“The presentation is not just a show of technology, innovation and creativity; it is also a show of the courage and resilience of Nigerian youths coming together to forge a cause – the cause of making Nigeria’s education world-class. Although we are predominantly from the Niger Delta, we are a blend of the finest Nigerian youths poised to change the narrative of the Niger Delta region and the country at large.

The story behind the new product celebrates the Nigerian youth’s audacity to bring about a positive change. I celebrate all Cinforesers and our partners for this feat.

“It is on this note, with pleasure that I unveil the 2020 version of Brainfriend elearning and exam preparatory software known as Brainfriend educonnect to the public for the use of all schools in Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

Thanks, and God bless!

“All Schools across Nigeria are given a free one-month subscription with full customization, beginning from today until the end of the year. To enjoy this promotion schools are encouraged to log on to: www. Select the school registration menu; Complete the form to register as a partner school; and your school will be setup for free”.

Most persons demanded for something that could end election fraud but the innovators said they were ready if the electoral commission was. There also demands for security solutions and the high-tech gurus said there were no limits to what the discovery can do.

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