• Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Police recruitment drive faces setbacks as thousands fail eligibility criteria

Nearly one-third of applicants to join Nigeria’s police force have been rejected due to failing to meet eligibility criteria, including age requirements, inadequate credentials, and physical fitness standards. The Police Service Commission (PSC) revealed yesterday that out of 547,774 applications received, 190,741 were deemed unsuitable.

The PSC’s Chairman, former Inspector-General of Police Solomon Arase, expressed disappointment over the low turnout from certain regions, particularly Lagos State, Southeast states, and Bayelsa State. He urged youths in the Southeast to reconsider their apathy towards police work, emphasizing that aligning with anti-government criminal gangs would not lead to a prosperous future.

Arase stressed the importance of prioritizing the future of the region and cautioned that development cannot flourish in communities plagued by terror. He assured that the recruitment process would adhere strictly to merit and fairness.

In contrast, states in the northern region have witnessed a surge in applications. Kaduna State tops the list with 40,272 applicants, followed by Adamawa State (36,398), and Borno State (32,048).

As mandated by the Federal Character Commission, the six-week recruitment period will conclude this Sunday. PSC spokesperson Ikechukwu Ani explained that out of the total applicants, 358,900 have qualified for the next stage, which involves physical assessments, credential verification, medical examinations, and rigorous background checks.

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Ani further disclosed that 84,606 applicants were rejected due to exceeding the age limit, which is between 18 and 25 years. However, he did not provide details on the number of rejections for other reasons.

While Arase expressed satisfaction with the overall number of applications, he acknowledged that some states may not meet the initial target of recruiting 10,000 constables each. The PSC will review the situation and decide on adjustments to the recruitment plan.