• Monday, December 11, 2023
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Polaris Bank: Driving peak performance with AbiolaChamp’s Magic of Emotional Intelligence

Polaris Bank: Driving peak performance with AbiolaChamp’s Magic of Emotional Intelligence

The Magic of Emotional Intelligence (How Champions Apply Emotional Intelligence to Achieve Peak Performance and Advancement in Life) by Abiola Champ Salami is gradually making waves into various sectors, as Polaris Bank takes the lead.

Copies of the book were presented to the Polaris MD/CEO, Innocent Ike, by the author alongside his team at the Corporate Head Office, Victoria Island in Lagos, recently.

This, according to the author, shows that Polaris acknowledges Magic of Emotional Intelligence as an essential tool for the 21st Century leaders including its staff members.

While available data from credible sources show that IQ is not enough to drive peak performance in organisations, a school of thought believes that as improvement in technology continues to reshape the global business landscape and the world continues to grapple with post-Covid realities, forward-thinking organisations continue to strengthen their resolve.

They do this by investing in Emotional Intelligence to deliver exceptional service to customers, make impactful contributions to the communities where they operate, exceed their promise to shareholders and continue to bring progress to all stakeholders.

Now, The Magic of Emotional Intelligence, with 174 pages, is classified as a stream of consciousness. It is seen as a perfect compass to help readers nurture, manage, control, and dispense the right and healthy emotions for business affairs. It will not only help the readers achieve premium results, but it will also enhance optimal advancement in life.

In her words, Dana H. Born of Harvard University who wrote the foreword said “AbiolaChamp writes with personal humility and professional authority. The opening story of the book captures the head and the heart. The book shows us how to use emotional intelligence as a formula for ultimate success in life, love and leadership.”

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In her review, Ndidi Nwuneli said, “Given that we encounter diverse individuals and groups in personal and professional settings; The Magic of Emotional Intelligence reinforces the subject of emotional intelligence and the necessity to apply it in our actions, decisions and relationships at work and in life situations.”

Pat Utomi, in his review of the book, sees the book as one which AbiolaChamp uses to connect the reader to recognising the power of emotional intelligence in leading, problem-solving and organisational effectiveness. “Indeed, it is quite a worthy read stripped of the technical jargon that the great experts inflict on those not as schooled as themselves.”

For Austin Avuru, co-founder of SEPLAT Petroleum, while reviewing the book, emphasised, “This is a great work in unravelling the intricate web of psychology and its application on daily living. AbiolaChamp has given us a veritable companion and reference material to everyone whose daily routine involves dealing with people. AbiolaChamp sums it up when he said, “In dealing with people, we are not dealing with creatures of logic but creatures of feelings”.

Reacting to the commitment by Polaris Bank, the World-class Performance Coach, AbiolaChamp, enthused that the bank is driving peak performance and staying ahead of the pack.

Polaris Bank, the forward-thinking bank, continues to strengthen the capacity of its workforce to deliver excellence by leveraging The Magic of Emotional Intelligence to promote the productivity of their staff while also impacting communities where they operate.”

Having directly coached, trained and counselled over 1,000 executives across sub-Saharan Africa, UAE and the US on rocking their careers, businesses and lives like champions, The Magic of Emotional Intelligence is a powerful tool for every business today. He, therefore, described the investment of the bank as persistent and strategic, a step worthy of emulation.

In our continuous quest to drive peak performance in the private, public and social sectors, AbiolaChamp said “we are launching a radio show in August 2021 called The CHAMPIONS Tribe. This show is designed to share insights with industry leaders, culture shapers and game-changers to achieve peak performance in their space.”

With The Magic of Emotional Intelligence, there is no gainsaying then that Polaris bank is a brand that is keen on leveraging emotional Intelligence to achieve peak performance of its workforce as they deliver competitive value to customers, shareholders and other stakeholders.