Pi Sairtel launches new product

In order to provide their consumers with hassle-free satellite communications services, Pi Sairtel recently launched its unlimited internet broadband in Lagos.

Speaking at a press briefing heralding the launch, Salvation Alibor, acting managing director of Pi Sairtel, explained that the launch was necessary to enable consumers anywhere to access the internet anytime.

Alibor, who has been in the internet industry for over some decades, described the internet as an important tool for development and stressed the need for it to be extended to the farthest part of the country.

He further said: “I have seen the transition on the internet, I am a business developer, I believe that internet is a level playing game for Africans, it grants us the privilege to compete with all parts of the world on the same lane, it grants entrance for development.

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“l believe that if we can extend it to the farthest end of this country, we would have young people rise up and being free from poverty, the market that they cannot have in their locality, they would have on the internet, a child that wants to become a writer, may not have the access in his village, but when he gets online, he can find an opportunity to become a writer, he can also be a publisher, anything you cannot do in your locality, with internet such an individual will be able to do that. Whatever disadvantage you had, you will overcome when you get online.”

He recalled that at the advent of internet services, his organisation targeted at corporations, the conglomerates such as banks, oil and gas and other telecommunication industries, adding “but today internet is life, as we are here right now, you can be writing and posting, it is all about the internet, the internet is part of our life, anybody that actually wants to do business, needs internet to do his business.”

Highlighting some of the reasons the Internet is more readily available in the heart of the metro areas, Alibor who is also a business developer affirmed that it is due to poor infrastructures.

Explaining further, he said: “Take, for instance, it is more readily available in places Ikeja, Victoria Island, Ikoyi, Surulere, but as you leave the cities, internet becomes epileptic, because the infrastructures there are scanty, so if you are living in Mowe, the use of internet becomes challenging’’.

However, he assured me that the newly launched internet would be accessible anywhere and anytime.

In his words: “What we are doing is hassle-free, as an internet service provider, our focus primarily is to provide unlimited internet broadband that is truly unlimited.”

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