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Optimising legislative impact for Nigerian federal legislators

TEXEM remains a leading innovative consulting firm that seeks to offer an unmatched learning platform to African leaders.

TEXEM’s services help organisations achieve their goals, optimize their impact and thrive. This is what the just successfully concluded TEXEM capacity development programme for Nigerian senators and members of the House of Representatives achieved.

As leaders, legislators too need to acquire the right skills that can enable them to perform their roles efficiently and effectively. Programmes organised by TEXEM mainly focus on leadership, corporate governance, successful implementation of change, enhancing performance/workplace productivity, and winning strategies. All these topics are very vital for legislators since they are strategic leaders and bastions of democracy.

The five-day TEXEM programme with the theme “Optimising Legislative Impact” saw legislators challenge assumptions, network, share best practices, and brainstorm on inclusive growth and nation-building strategies held at Birmingham, UK between July 5 and 9. This capacity programme included a trip to Shakespeare’s birthplace and other exciting activities. Illustrious opinion shapers from leading citadels and eminent corporate executives shared their experiences and knowledge with the legislators during the period. The intention for bringing together such a team of faculties was to make sure that the legislators got world-class insights.

As usual, all programmes at TEXEM add value and change lives. That explains why the organisation remains the forerunner of helping organisations win and assisting leaders become better strategists and problem solvers in the current challenging, disruptive, fast paced and competitive operating landscape.

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The TEXEM methodology

For impactful pedagogical sessions, TEXEM utilised its tested and proven approach during the entire capacity development programme from day 1 to day 5. The programme comprised case studies, a boat ride, a visit to Cadbury World and presentation by the Founding Director of this iconic organisation; games and interactive daily assessments.

TEXEM’s methodology harnesses the quadruple benefit of improved engagement, enhanced motivation, optimised fun, and stimulated concentration to improve learning performance and classroom dynamics while still striving to meet the learning goals.

TEXEM used case studies on this programme as it provides a simulated real-life situation that stimulates delegates into making well-informed decisions. Also, case studies were utilized during the programme to encourage the Federal legislators to enhance their; cognitive skills, improve their analytical rigour, evaluation skills, and better manage ambiguity. TEXEM’s approach of using a range of learning tools comprising of discussion, corporate trips and games improved; interpersonal skills, decision-making capabilities, communication and team spirit.

That’s exactly what the legislative impact programme sought to achieve, and participants say it, indeed, achieved it. There was a trip to Shakespeare’s birthplace on the first day, group activities daily, and all presentations by the highly experienced faculties utilised coaching, audio-visuals, role-play, and relevant examples to stimulate self-reflection and encourage personal development plans.

The key themes covered during the training were leadership for sustainable success, strategic leadership in an unknown tomorrow, good governance and the importance of public participation and civic engagement during the implementation of projects by legislators and the executive arm of government.

Expected benefits for nation building by legislators/accountability of the executive

The ultimate goal of the capacity development programme was to benefit the legislators whose active role and exemplary leadership will enhance nation-building via better accountability of the executive arm of government and ultimately enshrine good governance. Whether the leaders are born or made, effective development programmes directly impact their daily roles and the outcomes of their projects.

With that said, all the legislators who attended the programme articulated that the following are some of the benefits of the programme: Increased individual and organisational performance; Improved capability to influence and negotiate for symbiotic outcomes; Enhanced strategic leadership quotient; Effective management of change in the nation, and Better decision-making credentials

Indeed, the 5-day programme was a perfect mix of well-planned activities facilitated by world-renowned scholars and executives whose contribution to the area of good governance and strategic leadership is exemplary.

What next for Nigerian legislators?

As TEXEM has always done, the conclusion of this programme marked the end of an impactful and life-changing learning experience. As was evident during the closing ceremony, all of those who attended are already looking forward to implementing what has been learnt and transforming their organisation and the nation.

Indeed, the programme wouldn’t have come at a better time than now when the world is fighting a pandemic, and Nigeria is facing socio-economic crises and insecurity. Notably, at this critical time and as ever, the role of legislators as leaders who aspire to champion; accountability, good governance and inclusive growth is critical and their actions influence many. Therefore, with the right skills and result-oriented mindset, senators and members of the House of Representatives can help solve societal problems and effectively lead innovation even during tough times.


Senator Ibrahim Hassan Hadejia I like the qualities of the faculties, they are first class faculties that know what they are doing as well as the flexibility of the programme.

We are encouraged to participate and being assessed really kept us on our toes.

Our visit to Cadbury World and Shakespeare birth place were practical teachings. I liked the way the faculties went beyond legislation and went down to general politics. The teachings wasn’t just theoretical there were role plays

Akin Alabi (honourable)

The case studies, interactive and quiz segments gets you fully engaged. The interactive sessions makes you engaged and engrossed and in line increases assimilation and learning.

The programme has increased our leadership quotient with what we have learnt and gathered from the experiences of the instructors, which will be applied to real live situations when we get back to Nigeria.

Olumide A. Ojerinde (honourable)

The best part of the programme is the interactive session and the scenarios being discussed are real time situations that reflect on our day to day lives.

The most interesting part is the teaching part; the tutors are just too great that I had no choice than to adopt them as mentors. I have been able to identify where my lapses are and make a change in my leadership skills

Chinedu Ogah (honourable)

We have been taught about quality leadership for legislation in Nigeria, we have been taught integration among our people. We were taught different ways of rendering solutions.

The programme has taught us teamwork and progressive legislation in Nigeria.

Leadership is all about service to the people and making yourself accessible to the people thereby having a feedback mechanism.

The most interesting part is the Montessori part of the teaching, the question and answer and the group discussions.

I am taking the lessons here back into my legislation, to my constituency, to my local government, to my ward and to my polling unit.

Ahmadu Jaha (honourable)

The programme is very educative and inspiring particularly the resource persons. They are people of integrity. The visit to Cadbury World and Shakespeare birthplace were eye openers.

The practicability and the reality of the programme is inspiring. The question and answer was most cherished and the faculties are amazing.

Shehu Balarabe (honourable)

What I cherished most about this programme is seriousness. I have not found such dedication anywhere. Every session had questions and answers, I really cherish that.

The programme was well organized. You can see what they are teaching us in the faces of the professors. I acquired knowledge on how to take decisions at critical times. It taught me to speak the truth at all times. It taught us to be more serious and focused. It has taught us to legislate efficiently.

The programme revived our togetherness, it gave us cohesion.

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