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NibblesNG restates commitment to making local cuisines accessible to urban communities in Lagos

NibblesNG, an indigenous breakfast and brunch outlet that specialises in south-western street cuisine for busy folks has restated its commitment to making local cuisines accessible to urban communities in Lagos State.

The idea was birthed out of the need to emphasise the beauty of local cuisines in south-western Nigeria and to make them readily accessible to the urban community in core Lagos who otherwise are stuck with fast-food, junk or nothing at all for breakfast which technically is the most important meal of the day.

NibblesNG presents Lagos street food well packaged in eco-friendly packs that are compliant with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12 and offers delivery to ensure ease of access to consumers.

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To preserve meal quality, the focus of NibblesNG is presently on delivering to nearby areas like – Lagos Island, Victoria Island, Lekki and some Lagos Mainland areas but intends to expand to other areas as it grows its operations.

In an interview with BD Sunday, Mayowa Oladipo, Co-founder NibblesNG said NibblesNG, a registered business under the parent company – MIS which was registered in 2016, targets busy people who work in Lagos Island, Victoria Island, Ikoyi, Lekki axis and who need to eat proper breakfast to boost their productivity at work.

Mayowa disclosed that the business was set to launch early this year but operations were stalled due to the pandemic till September 1 when the business was officially launched.

Speaking on the kind of dishes NibblesNG delivers, Mayowa said they provide Lagos ‘Street’ Food such as Dundun, Odunkun, Dodo, Ewa, Akara, Ponmo alata, Eran didin, Eja dindin, Tapioca etc. (Fried yam, Fried potatoes, Plantain, Bean cakes etc.).

“At NibblesNG we currently have a 6-man team. This is exclusive of independent and external partners who ensure freshness and guarantee quality of the meals

“In 5 years, I see NibblesNG opening up a chain eat-in outlets where people can come and be served traditional breakfast meals typical to the south-west region whilst listening to beautiful songs like ‘Ojumo ti mo’ by ASA or ‘owuro lojo’ by Beautiful Nubia and just appreciate the beauty of our motherland in all of her glory. Ten years down the line, I see Lagos, Nigeria becoming a cuisine tourist destination with NibblesNG as a major player,” he explained.

The young entrepreneur who has carved a niche for himself in the fast-food market advised young people who are still unemployed to look beyond the nation’s weaknesses and begin to explore their strengths and advantages.

“So youths, there’s no reason to be unemployed, identify your ‘sweet-spot’ (The intersection between what you know how to do and the opportunities around you) and get to work,” he added.

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