• Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Mezovest expands to energy sector, to revolutionise cooking gas supply chain

Mezovest, a commerce solutions provider, has ventured into the energy sector with the establishment of Mezo Energy Trading Limited (METL).

Leveraging its expertise in supply chain management and digital solutions, METL said it has revolutionised the cooking gas industry by solving safety concerns and providing convenience to both customers and vendors.

The company said it today supplies gas to over a hundred high end restaurants and hotels in Lagos and has launched several Micro Distribution Centres across the state.

“When we launched, we had our eyes set on revolutionising inventory financing to vendors in different commerce sectors and made specific provisions to service the LPG sector by providing cooking gas vendors with gas on credit with flexible pay-back plan to keep them in business and profit,” Tosin Thompson, founder and CEO, said.

According to him, “We are not in business to win for ourselves, we want to create a platform where we can create several winners across several social strata.”

Thompson explained that one of the key contributions of METL to the cooking gas industry was the introduction of an innovative and aesthetically pleasing composite gas cylinder.

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“This non-corrosive cylinder addresses safety concerns associated with traditional steel cylinders, providing enhanced security and peace of mind to customers and vendors alike. The composite gas cylinder not only ensures the integrity of the gas supply but also offers a visually appealing alternative to the conventional cylinders,” he said.

Mariam Adebayo, METL’s director of relationship, said: “At our gas distribution company, we prioritise safety above all else. We believe that safety is not just a goal to achieve but a mindset that should be ingrained in every aspect of our operations. Hence, the company is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of all employees, customers, and the communities it serves.”

To demonstrate METL’s commitment to safety, Mariam noted that the company has implemented a comprehensive safety programme
that covers every aspect of the company’s activities. This program begins with robust training and education for all employees, ensuring they have a deep understanding of safety protocols, procedures, and best practices, which forms the foundation of a strong safety culture.

Adebayo said that METL’s collaboration with Mezovest’s digital product, “Mezopay,” further enhanced convenience and reliability in the cooking gas supply chain.

“Customers and vendors can easily order gas cylinders and refills through the Mezopay platform, eliminating the need for manual transactions and paperwork. With the seamless integration of Mezopay, gas cylinders and refills can be ordered and delivered directly to the customer’s or vendor’s location, saving time and effort for all stakeholders involved,” she said.

Toyyib Akande, head of Product at METL, said he recognised the crucial role that technology plays in improving gas deliveries, expediting order processing, and satisfying customers.

“Leveraging innovative technological solutions has enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of METL operations. These technological solutions have not only optimised the our operations but have provided customers with convenience, transparency, and a personalised experience. By continuously exploring and embracing technological advancements, METL hopes to stay ahead of the curve, exceed customer expectations, and maintain a competitive edge in the market,” he said.

Akande further said: “To ensure efficient nationwide distribution, METL has strategically established a network of Micro Distribution Centers (MDCs) in key locations across the country. These MDCs serve as essential hubs for storing and distributing cooking gas cylinders to vendors and customers. Backed by the fast and reliable logistics company, ‘Spatch,’ METL guarantees on-time delivery of cooking gas nationwide, providing an uninterrupted supply to meet the needs of customers and vendors.

“Mezovest’s expansion into the energy sector through METL reflects our commitment to transforming various industries through innovative solutions. With a focus on safety, convenience, and reliable supply chain management, METL is set to reshape the cooking gas industry and establish new benchmarks for customer satisfaction and vendor partnership.”

As the partnership between Mezovest and METL strengthens, the future of the cooking gas sector looks promising; promising a safer and more efficient experience for all stakeholders involved.

“With our combined expertise and dedication to innovation, we are poised to drive positive change and lead the way in the energy industry,” he said.