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Mercy Bello Abu of EPI shows what makes a woman real

· As EPI clocks five years, eyes global breakthrough

Mercy Bello Abu (PhD), Global Founder, Entrepreneurs Platform Initiative (EPI), who has since set out to make women the leading entrepreneurs of the next generation, has come up with a new identification of the new crop of women of substance. She calls them the real woman.

The energetic human resource and management expert said, men are asking what the definition of a real woman is today. “The confusion lies between men and women as the woman has been able to take more of a masculine role in today’s society. They have become more independent than ever and the masculine man is left feeling he may have to sit back and let the women dominate the relationship and lead the way. This is not the best.’

While marking the five years of EPI at L.A King Event Centre in PH at the weekend, Dr Abu said a woman is not complete without expressing her story. “EPI gives her the platform to tell this story. It is about helping women to develop entrepreneurial initiatives in according to Sustainable Development Goal 5.”

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The Founder who said EPI is going global in the coming years after going from Rivers Sate to national in the first five years, women being real means having the choice to be bold and speak up not only for herself but passing her voice to others as well, according to Joyce Jiang. It means being powerful, beautiful, strong, inspirational, jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, history-making, and just really, really cool woman.

She said women now look inward more than ever and investigating all aspects of their identity. It means being unapologetic for who they are, what they want, and what they deserve. The society will be better for it.

Pointing out what she called three personality traits of woman being real, she mentioned a woman being compassionate. “She is open from the beginning and very loyal. It is a woman that has mastered her feminity towards men; but she knows her power, her strength that she is able to communicate that to you. She is emotionally stable, and this comes from self-worth and a sense of pride and dignity. You know one by the way she carries herself.’

On benefits of woman being real, she said: “She will have dignity, maintaining one’s identity, being a role model, enhancing social life, being financially independent, self-confident, has education and development of kids, has monetary support to the parents, siblings, husband and children, she has self-respect.”

Abu mentioned 10 steps on how to become a real woman: “Be passionate, invest in yourself, be creative, be hardworking and dedicated, have high willingness to learn, be networking, be persistent, have confidence, and be organized.”

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