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Konnect, Coollink partner to deliver superfast internet to Nigerians

Konnect, a Eutelsat Group entity charged with retailing a new generation of superfast satellite broadband services, and Coollink – Radical Technology Network Ltd have announced the signing of a new partnership agreement to deliver superfast internet connections of up to 100Mbps to Nigerians.

The partnership agreement which was unveiled during a press briefing in Lagos will ensure that Nigerians have access to fast, affordable, and reliable internet connectivity as both organisations launch a suite of new satellite broadband plans.

“Konnect’s offer takes into consideration consumer needs,” said Philippe Baudrier, general manager Africa for Konnect.

“We have a wide range of packages to suit every type of user: from ‘light internet’ personal use such as HD video streaming, to businesses needing access to consistent superfast broadband, to schools in white areas linking to the internet, to farming households using online tools to monitor their herds and crops,” he said.

“All come with unlimited data, so the customer can use superfast broadband as much as they would like,” he added.

With its presence in 40 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa including Nigeria Konnect’s launched the Eutelsat Konnect High Throughput Satellite in 2020 to enable it to revolutionize internet access by offering new features which have never been experienced previously on the continent.

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Konnect’s broadband service gives the user access to higher speeds than most terrestrial services – radio, 4G, and fibre.

According to Baudrier, the connection speed is super fast, and up to 100 Mbps, which is also a first for the African continent.

In addition, Konnect is the first 100 Mbps unlimited satellite internet offer in Nigeria which gives users the added advantage of not having to wait for mobile operators or fibre networks to expand into their specific areas.

“The new plans we are launching in partnership with Konnect Africa will increase broadband penetration and help bridge the digital divide in Nigeria,” said Shahin Nouri, CEO of Coollink.

“Through our partnership with Konnect over the past four years, we listened to our customers and designed the new affordable packages, which now come with speeds up to 100Mbps and unlimited data allowance,” he said.

“This is a first for Nigeria and Africa as a whole, and it is part of the culture at Coollink, where we continuously improve our customer satisfaction through innovation,” he added.

Nouri noted that with the new plans, consumers and businesses alike can now get online anywhere across the country within three business days without the reliance on terrestrial infrastructure.

Accessing Konnect’s very high-speed satellite broadband requires several easy steps.

Customers can visit Konnect’s to speak directly to the customer service or proceed to a licensed partner shop to meet directly with a Konnect team member.

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