• Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Kogi 2023: Ododo is a Kogi movement – Fanwo

Kogi 2023: Ododo is a Kogi movement – Fanwo

Kingsley Fanwo, Commissioner for Information and Communications, Kogi State, has expressed confidence that the All Progressive Alliance (APC) will win massively in the November 11, 2023 poll.

Fanwo expressed his confidence while speaking with journalists in Lokoja, noting that the pedigree of the party in the state is such that the opposition will continue to struggle.

He noted that the aspiration of Usman Ododo is a movement of a united Kogi people.

“Our candidate, Usman Ahmed Ododo has met virtually all key stakeholders in Kogi State. He is still meeting more people to consult with them on the way to consolidate on the legacies of Yahaya Bello. Today, he is working harder than any other candidate in the race.

“He has and he is still meeting with stakeholders across the state because he is running on the card or a united Kogi State. He is confident that his programs and the achievements of the Yahaya Bello administration will deliver victory to him.

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“The commitment of stalwarts and our compatriots across the ethnic, religious and class lines has been phenomenal, a clear demonstration of what Yahaya Bello laboured for seven years to build, which is a people united by destiny.

“The embrace of our candidate by all is what is sparking jitters in their spines. APC has done well in Kogi State and will continue to earn the trust of the people. GYB delivered Kogi to the President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, won all the three senatorial seats, won six of the nine reps seats and won 22 of the 25 assembly seats. It is an indomitable, thumping political war chest. In November 2023, the people will speak again with a resounding voice that Kogi is APC and APC is Kogi,” he said.

Fanwo also said those campaigning on ethnic lines missed their roads to a new Kogi where ethnicity and religion do not determine who drives the car but the competence to drive the car, insisting that they will meet their political waterloo at the appropriate time.

“Ethnic and religious politics ended in Kogi in January 2016 and will never raise its ugly head again. That is why those who truly cherish the development of our state are leaving our opponents in their sinking ship to join the team that has done Kogi proud in the last seven years”, he said.

He said that Ahmed Ododo, candidate of the ruling party, has sat down with his team to look at the stage of development in the state, with a view to taking the state further into her place of pride, assuring the people that Ododo will be a fantastic governor.

On the vandalization of the Kogi State Broadcasting Corporation at Ochaja, Fanwo said the state government is still awaiting police investigations on the matter, assuring the people that the culprits would be brought to book.