Invention and execution of business ideas is enough drive for me – Trillbjm

Oyemonlan Benjamin Oseoje, aka Trillbjm, one of the prominent young entrepreneurs making waves in the business circle, has said that the fact that he can come up with problem-solving solutions in the form of business ideas and execute them is enough drive for him.

“I’m a huge fan of solving real-life problems,” said Trillbjm while being interviewed at a social event in Ikeja.

The young entrepreneur, who aside from founding the low-budget online fashion store, Fashionnovanigeria, and Auth Doc, a company that handles document authentication for individuals and companies, is frequently mentioned as a silent partner and co-founder of startups, further explained: “I first identify a problem I may have at a particular time, I then think of a viable solution. If I can solve that problem, I try to amplify it enough to reach other people who like myself require the solution. This is my secret tool.”

Trillbjm attributed his entrepreneurship drive to his desire to provide solutions to everyday challenges.

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Trillbjm, born and raised in Lagos, however, claimed that his upbringing did not influence his entrepreneurial disposition. “My upbringing had nothing to do with the type of businesses I deal in,” he avowed, “although I will not discount the influence of education.”

He clarified further: “I have had good education starting with my primary education at Mothercare Elementary School, Lagos and secondary education at CMS Grammar School, Bariga, before acquiring tertiary education at the University of Lagos, University of Michigan.”

While he was reluctant to disclose the projects he has in the pipeline, Trillbjm, nevertheless dropped a hint of an impending new business. “I know that in the years ahead, starting from the year 2020, I will be involved in new business ventures,” he affirmed.

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