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Here are Dolmar Cross’ tips to becoming a real estate investor

Real estate has become one of the most popular investment options in recent years. People who would not have considered a career in real estate, or even in investing, are now thinking of entering the market. It raises the question, can anyone become a real estate investor?

Dolmar Cross, the real estate investor behind the Automated House Flipping App that helps people to buy properties at discount prices and then flip them for profit, reckons that indeed, anyone can become a real estate investor.

The world of real estate investment can seem daunting to those who are unfamiliar with it, but thankfully, there are now resources available to help anyone become a real estate investor.

With access to simple training and tools, Cross says anyone can build a lucrative real estate portfolio. He has been holding online workshops throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, reaching out virtually to budding house flippers and those who want to enter the field. His aim with his work – the app and the online workshops – is to remove perceived barriers and help people from overlooked communities enter the real estate investment world. He believes that the perception that only those from a background of financial education can succeed in real estate investment is false.

Now that virtual house flipping is a possibility, the real estate investment market has become accessible to a much wider pool of people.

“With the advancement of both technology and the house flipping culture, it is now easier than ever before to build a real estate portfolio,” Cross says.

Cross has had a storied 15-year career in the real estate investment market since he first started investing in real estate in 2004. But he quickly realized flipping houses was the career that he had been searching for and hasn’t looked back since.

Over time, Cross gained enough experience within the real estate investment market that he felt he had important skills that could help others learn.

“I had the revelation that this was a huge market that people were not being encouraged to explore, and I vowed to change that,” he says.

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