Global Wissen Consult empowers varsity students with digital entrepreneurship skills

In a bid to deepen digital skills and literacy among students, Global Wissen Consult (GWC) a Swedish/Nigerian social enterprise has trained and certified students from its digital entrepreneurship program at Baze University in Abuja.

GWC and Baze University Abuja had entered into a partnership agreement to train Nigerian youths on digital skills. Since the partnership started they have worked on several projects together – the digital entrepreneurship program being the latest. This allows all 200 level students to receive digital knowledge while they take their mandatory Entrepreneurship 201 course – the digital aspect provided by Global Wissen Consult represents 20 points of the full 100 points.

During the certification ceremony in Abuja the students received their official certificates for completing the course, the outstanding students received awards for their work and we got to hear from some of the students.

Sarah Ifere, project manager of digital entrepreneurship club and one of the participants said, “The purpose was to promote digital literacy amongst the youths and encourage people to take advantage of the online platform; so basically, we were taught everything, from how to start a business , how to promote it and others. We also had mentors who taught us the secrets and skills we need to have a successful business.

“Without this programme, I wouldn’t have had the skills that would qualify me to get a $5,000 grant and even to grow my businesses.”

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The event was also attended by the Swedish Ambassador Carl-Michael Gräns that has been a supporter of this project since its start and he joined in and handed out some of the certificates as well as sent some good words to the students encouraging them to continue to leverage the digital space.

According to him, “Educational technology is one area which has grown significantly and we can see new companies joining hands when it comes to new technical solutions and this is a very good example of it, Baze University having a partnership with GWC, and I am very proud to be here with the very first students graduating from this digital entrepreneurship programme.”

As this marked history with the first graduated students – Global Wissen Consult said it is looking forward to kick-starting the next semester with new students and continue to work with the students on other projects to ensure the increase of digital literacy.

“Going forward we can expect and are excited to see more projects from Global Wissen Consult continue to work towards their mission of ensuring all youths are digitally literate and have access to the knowledge and tools they need to leverage the digital space,” the organisation added.

Sparkling after the event Oscar Nwokeji , Co-Founder/CEO, of GWC said, “With this training, students have been able to identify digital skills they didn’t know they had, some are now content creators , some digital marketers and freelancers and making some side money while still students.” He informed that over 250 students were certified and the organisation will certify more than 1,000 by the end of the year.

The CEO also informed that GWC will work with the Nigerian Universities Commission to replicate the training in public universities.

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