GDL focuses on re-inventing Nigeria’s middle class

GDL (Growth and Development Limited) Group, a leading diversified financial institution, has continued to show it understands the importance of a growing middle class to a country.

Since its establishment over six years ago, GDL has always been focused on growing the Nigerian middle class and strengthening the financial status of all Nigerians through the provision of safe and secure investment opportunities.

A statement by the company unequivocally states that they are driven by a mission of strengthening and expanding the middle class. Guided by the company’s values of audacity, integrity, result-orientation, and strong social conscience, they execute the mandate to near perfection.

According to Kola Ayeye, group CEO, GDL, “At GDL, we see the socio-economic challenges facing Nigeria as an opportunity to provide platforms for creating private sector-led frameworks that will help to address some of the major concerns of the average Nigerian household in a sustainable way, using mainly, in-country resources.”

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GDL prides itself in not being your typical financial institution, but rather one that is focused on a mission of delivering key social dividends to Nigerians. The organisation understands that investment opportunities must be easily accessible to everyone, irrespective of their net worth.

GDL is currently concluding plans to expand into impact and social financing; the goal is to improve the socio-economic position of Nigerians by investing in the real estate and education sector to provide affordable housing and quality education to Nigerians. Learn more about GDL’s bold moves in asset management as well as other investment products and services through their website.

The GDL Group is made up of three major subsidiaries: GDL Finance and Leasing, GDL Asset Management, and GDL Stockbroking. Though different, the three subsidiaries are driven with the commitment to creating wealth and transforming society.