• Friday, April 19, 2024
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Frustrated passengers demand clearer communication at airports

Passengers in Nigerian airports have expressed frustration with the poor audio quality, making it difficult to understand announcements.

“The public address system in Abuja is just the worst. You can barely hear a thing. It’s always a case of ‘what did she just say’ after every announcement. I’m lucky to have not missed any flights due to having to ask questions all the time. Lagos isn’t as bad as Abuja, but it’s not perfect either,” said Micheal Chinedu, a frequent flyer.

Aondoasse Gwa questioned the lack of technological advancements in the aviation sector, suggesting the installation of flight status screens alongside improvements to the public address systems. Gwa’s sentiments echoed criticisms of Abuja’s airport, where passengers often struggle to hear announcements clearly.

“I just wonder why they cannot mount screens to display flights and their statuses,” he stated on social media. “The one at Abuja is terrible; the announcers, just horrible,” he added.

Similar criticisms were echoed by other passengers, with Oche Itodo describing the announcements at Abuja airport as “speaking in strange tongues” and Ijeoma Ezeasor calling them unclear. Samuel Bika even shared a firsthand experience of nearly missing a flight due to the inadequate audio system at the domestic terminal.

In contrast, comments praising Enugu Airport’s clarity and linguistic inclusivity were abundant. Osasu Obuyiuwana, however, questioned the absence of announcements in Pidgin English, a widely spoken language in Nigeria. He emphasized the importance of incorporating indigenous languages into airport communications.

Supporting this view, many advocated for multilingual announcements across Nigerian airports, suggesting local languages as a valuable addition to English and Pidgin English.

The debate highlights the need for comprehensive upgrades to public address systems across Nigerian airports. These upgrades should ensure clarity, linguistic inclusivity, and technological advancements to enhance passenger experience and safety.
Renowned governance expert Joe Abah has also commended the public address system at the Enugu Airport, praising its clarity and inclusivity. Abah, known for his work on public sector reform programs, lauded the system for its clear announcements in English, Igbo, and Pidgin English.

“I would like to commend the public address system at Enugu Airport. It is crystal clear, loud, and comprehensible in English, Igbo, and Pidgin English. Well done!” Abah said on a social media platform.