• Sunday, December 03, 2023
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FG-Labour talks moved to next Tuesday

NLC, TUC suspend strike

The highly anticipated meeting between the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress (TUC) and the Federal Government, scheduled to take place today to address the 30-day ultimatum and the terms outlined in the signed Memorandum of Understanding, has been rescheduled.

A prominent representative of the NLC, as quoted by The PUNCH, revealed that the meeting is now set to take place next Tuesday.

This postponement, it was stated, occurred at the request of the Federal Government, as they had inadvertently overlooked that the originally proposed date coincided with their Federal Executive Council meeting.

The primary purpose of this meeting is to reach a consensus on outstanding milestones and demands that have yet to be fulfilled, along with a thorough examination of the reasons behind these delays, prior to any further action.

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The labour organisation has expressed reservations about the participation of the Minister of Labour in the meeting.

As previously stated, “The organised labour suspended the last planned strike action and gave the Federal Government 30 days to meet our demands.”

They have outlined that upon the expiration of the ultimatum, a meeting of the organ will be convened to assess the Federal Government’s actions.

He added, “If the organs believe that what the government has done is not substantial and not in line with the agreement signed, they will give fresh directives on how to handle the situation without giving any further notice of industrial action.”

He said that should the government not have taken substantial steps, as per the assessment of the labour organisations, they might promptly issue orders for immediate industrial action.

He stressed that organised labour’s demands have been transparently communicated, and it is incumbent upon every Nigerian and worker to gauge the extent to which the Federal Government has addressed these demands.

In contrast, he pointed out that it should be the government’s responsibility to inform both the organised labour and the Nigerian populace about the progress made on these demands. However, he intimated that many of the labour’s demands remain unfulfilled.

He also mentioned that a comprehensive review of the situation will be conducted during the forthcoming meeting to chart the most appropriate course of action.