• Monday, December 04, 2023
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FBNQuest highlight strategies to achieve financial goals

FBNQuest highlight strategies to achieve financial goals

FBNQuest Asset Management, a subsidiary of FBNQuest Merchant Bank and member of FBN Holdings Group encourages investors to set clear measurable goals and an accountable framework that will guide them to build, manage and preserve their wealth.

With the current macroeconomic realities, financial objectives often seem unachievable for many investors in the context of their frequent financial obligations in addition to rising inflation which seems to push these goals further away.

Speaking on setting clear financial goals, Anne Oragwu, head, affluent at FBNQuest Asset Management stated that financial goal setting is the bridge between financial dreams and achieving financial independence.

“Whatever the goal, albeit short or long-term, the key to successful investing is to match each goal with the appropriate investment solutions,” she said.

“However, to keep investors accountable, a financial adviser can serve as an accountability partner that helps the investor stay on course with an articulated plan.

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“You don’t have to wait until you have a lot of money to start investing. With as little as N5,000, you can start your investment journey with FBNQuest Asset Management and therefore reduce the risk that the value of your savings will be eroded by inflation,” Oragwu said.

She highlighted the range of products that investors can consider as they organise their financial goals which include FBNQuest money market funds which can be an ideal savings alternative product; FBNQuest dollar funds which offers attractive yields for investors who require foreign currency to achieve their goals; and FBNQuest’s long- term funds that offer higher risk/reward options.