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Everything you need to know about Bitcoin trading bots

Basically, cryptocurrency or bitcoin trading bots are software programs that use artificial intelligence and virtual learning to observe the bitcoin market. These trading bots automatically perform cryptocurrency trades on behalf of the owner or the user. Ideally, trading bot will generate profits and remove as much as possible the element of risk.

Most investors or traders will think high returns is the main goal, what most of them really are looking for is high risk-adjusted returns. This is also what most crypto trading bots aim to really do. Managed autonomously, trading bots can observe the upside of cryptocurrencies with risk-reduced exposure to the drawdowns. This should attract more investors and traders to start using a trading bot instead of just having a buy and hold strategy.

Why use a bot?

Trading bots can make the entire process of trading much more streamlined and simpler. These trading bots will take care of factors that most people don’t know much about like portfolio diversification, portfolio rebalancing, index construction, etc. However, completely automatic still doesn’t mean that it is fully hands-off. Human input may be required and people will still have to take care of some of the basics where they will play their part.

Most people use bots as part of an active day trading strategy, working on things that are otherwise time-consuming, repetitive and involve unnecessary complications. Traders use bots to overcome such tasks. It is important to achieve accuracy in your trading and a bot can be programmed to observe the market and perform a trade at the right time. It is also important to note that the crypto market is open 24×7. With the help of a trading bot you won’t be missing out on any opportunities even when you’re sleeping or away from your computer screen.

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Fully-automated crypto trading bots.

A fully-automatic trading bot will allow new and even experienced traders to exposure to all of the crypto market without any difficulties. A fully-automated bot will come with a tried and tested trading strategy. The necessary research and due diligence is already done by people who design these bots. Researchers manually examine important factors like the asset’s team, roadmap and in order to determine potential gains as well as legitimacy and longevity for their project.

Once the bot takes over, a crypto asset is included in its world of tradable assets. Then the bot is continuously observing the technical data like the trading history, liquidity and volume. Based on the data available, the bot will trade assets (cryptocurrency) by following the predetermined trading strategy.
The algorithm used also relies on machine learning to evolve the trading strategy being used, studying market timing and looking for the best time to trade. A trading bot will also remove any cognitive biases that people might have to otherwise face if they are to come up with their own strategy.

What to look for when choosing a trading bot?

In recent times, many people are entering the market as a cryptocurrency or a Bitcoin trader, maybe it’s also the right time for you to check out a trading bot that can help automate your strategy and perform efficiently. If you are thinking about starting your career as a Bitcoin trader, one such app that you can invest in Bitcoin with is Bitcoin Loophole.

It is important that you find the best trading robot that meets all your needs. Ask yourself how experienced is the team who have developed the trading bot? Find a trading bot that is designed and developed by a reputable team, things like companies the team members have previously worked at, how long have they been working on and testing the trading bot, their reputation, their technical abilities, if they have a good track record and most importantly what their trading bot is offering.

Look for transparency. Are the algorithms they are using widely recognized? Check if the team has been transparent about the trading strategy, implementation, backtesting and their results. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that their success is aligned with your success. Trading bots have become a hot topic for millions of people around the world and especially amongst traders of cryptocurrency.

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