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€1bn stake for Nigeria’s economic prosperity through key Afro-European partnerships

One of UK’s foremost Luxury Concierge service company, Theseus London are on a mission to bridge the gap between Africa and the rest of the world.

They have been heavily involved in tightening many International Trade relationships in order to aid the economic prosperity of Nigeria first, whilst bringing in the trust aspect for foreign investors to use as a means of accountability and reliance for future transaction in Africa as a collective.

They are said to have worked with key players in the world and global brands that have become household names and, from further research are in talks with Eastern Europe through their key partner, Black Swan Innovation AS Group (BSI).

One of these includes the Nigeria Eastern Europe Business Summit & Expo, powered by Black Swan Innovation AS Group. This summit is said to be bringing in an initial investment of One Billion Euros to Nigerian businesses whilst granting an opportunity for Eastern European businesses to trade through Nigeria.

This esteemed company, On Wednesday 24th June 2020 had a closed-door key meeting with the Ooni’s representations to deliberate on how the current ruler will spearhead the introduction of Africa to the rest of the world.

In an interview with Ms. Osadebay, she said “it is our responsibility to represent and showcase the substance that Africa has to offer the world. In order to do this, we work country, by country to demonstrate unity and strategy in achieving this goal”.

Mr. Oni of Black Swan Innovations AS added “If we can show the rest of the world what Africa has to offer, then Africa will remain at the progressing end of the scale. We will keep building solid partnerships till we reach the peak together”.

The team will continue on their endeavour and aim to ensure that all future plans fit in with all forecasted post Covid-19 measures that all States implement.



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