• Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Deceased fan’s sister slams Asake’s tribute

Racheal Ikumelo, the sister of Rebecca Ikumelo, who tragically lost her life in a crowd crush during Asake’s concert last December, has voiced her criticism over the artist’s recent tribute at his concert held in London. The incident occurred at the Brixton O2 Academy, leaving not only Rebecca Ikumelo but also security guard Gabrielle Hutchinson deceased.

At Asake’s Sunday concert in the city, he honored the memory of the late fans by showcasing pictures and videos of both Ikumelo and Hutchinson, in addition to urging anyone with information about the incident to contact the police. However, Racheal Ikumelo expressed her disapproval of the tribute, stating that Asake did not consult the family prior to using her sister’s images.

Taking to social media platform X (formerly Twitter), Racheal expressed her discontent, referring to the tribute as a “sorry excuse.” She emphasized that Asake had not reached out to her family since the tragic event. In her tweet, she wrote, “What a sorry excuse of a ‘tribute’ from @asakemusik. My sister lost her life at your show and you haven’t spoken to a single member of my family since. But you can hold another concert in London less than 9 months later and play her videos as a ‘tribute’? RIP Rebecca Ikumelo.”

Asake, the musician, had initially issued a statement expressing his condolences to the Ikumelo family. He stated, “I am devastated by the news that Rebecca Ikumelo, who was in critical condition since Thursday, has sadly passed away. My sincerest condolences to her loved ones at this time. Let us please keep her family in our prayers. I have spoken to them, and will continue to do so.”

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However, when confronted by Twitter users who pointed out that Asake had indeed reached out to the family according to his statement, Racheal clarified her concern. She stated that the artist did not seek the family’s consent before using Rebecca’s videos for the tribute.

“My point is, he should not be using her videos or giving a ‘tribute’ without speaking to my family beforehand for consent. I hope you’re getting paid to ride for Asake like this,” Racheal added.

The tragic incident in December forced Asake to cancel his sold-out show at O2 Academy Brixton. The event was cut short when crowds, many of whom were without tickets, attempted to enter the venue. The surge led to two fatalities and several individuals being hospitalized.