Dauda calls for digital leadership to enhance economic development

Ibrahim Dauda, chief executive officer of Platinum Vault Group (PVG),.has said that to move Nigeria to its rightful place amongst the comity of nations, there was need to harness digital leadership for sustainable economic development that promotes efficiency and expediency in Nigeria via digital leadership.

Dauda, who spoke with journalists in Abuja, said it was critical to connect, unify and automate all government processes for efficient business transactions, increased revenue collections, and eradication of corruption at all levels of the country’s bureaucracy.

“I am sure that our digital reforms will not only bridge our digital divide but will also boost our competitive edge as a country of great potential in the digital world,” he said.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) chieftain said it was in realisation of this objective that PVG Consult works with entrepreneurs, businesses, and organisations to pursue opportunities that drive exceptional impact that improves the economy and in turn drive national development,.

Dauda explained that PVG Consult was a leading Nigerian management consulting firm with extensive expertise, diverse experience, and a wide network of industry leaders that make the firm a prime partner for organisations seeking to achieve their goals in a timely, sustainable and cost-effective manner.

He said the firm has also worked with organisations within and outside Nigeria and prioritises results while building an organisation with the best culture fit for growth – putting its partners and staff on the optimal pedestal to realise their business goals.

“We deliver value-added services in the best professional manner, and support our clients through Market and situation analyses, project concept development, adaptation and management, expert decision-making and risk mitigation, capacity building to equip personnel with requisite skills and enterprise solutions that improve business efficiency

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“We do financial advisory. We do business planning, entrepreneurial development, and startup management We are trained to identify risk early, analyse it and assist our clients to commit the necessary resources to navigate such risks in risk management.

“PVG Consult delivers hardware and software systems and networks that are fit for purpose and protected by effective up-to-date security systems.
We provide the best project management strategies that help our clients deliver projects with measurable impact,” he said.

Dauda said he had joined the 2023 presidential race under the umbrella of APC because of the pressure from tons of people, who were impressed by his credentials, antecedents, achievements, energy, passion for real change, welfare causes, and patriotism to the country.

He said: “My reason for opting to contest for the office of the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is born out of my passion for real change and when I say change, I mean change because where we are coming from, we have been operating on a particular type of change. But globally today what is involved is a disruptive approach.

“That is where you have fields of study like disruptive management, change management, and other new fields because of the dynamics globally, which affected the traditional way of management. So, having been in politics for 27 years.

“I started from the ward level, local government level, and state level to the national. I have played politics from the lowest level which is the ward level and I rose to the national level in my lifetime. I have been part of five presidential elections at strategic and operational levels. That is a rare privilege. I also pioneered the digital election coalition processes in Nigeria.

“There are many things I have done politically that have not been brought to bear publicly. So, alongside, my practice. I have been involved in relating with government agencies and establishments and most of the time I offer pro bono services to the government as part of my contribution to my country and so I offer free consultancy to the system.

“So, amid my private life practice in politics, I have come to understand the basic problem with this country. So, I feel I have what it takes to govern the country from where I’m coming from notwithstanding my age.”

Speaking on further on the imperative of digital leadership, he said, “Nigeria will continue to depreciate and degenerate on the global progress chart if she keeps on procrastinating on automation and digitalisation of processes within the bureaucracy and services sector.

“The entire world has advanced into the digital epoch, we will, therefore, be proactive in positioning Nigeria on the path of becoming a digital leader among the committee of Nations.”

He stated that without security, progress will become elusive, saying if he is the president, “insecurity will be robustly confronted, by addressing the welfare of our security personnel who fight on the frontline against crime. No longer shall any of these courageous heroes be sacrificed unnecessarily in their line of duty.”

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