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Crawford University alumni UK holds inaugural congress

Crawford University alumni UK a non-profit association formed to promote and support its alumni held its inaugural virtual congress on Saturday, October 16, 2021.

Reuben Kolo, the vice-chancellor of the university in his welcome address said the special occasion themed, “Adding value, growing wealth, expertise, and qualification in a post-COVID world while maintaining your mental health,” is a springboard to activities by the ex-students of Crawford University to offer social services to the institution and Nigeria in general.

Kolo admonished the alumni to show a higher engagement level with the university even as they enhance the image and brand that stood the institution out among its contemporaries.

“Always partner alumni activities for benefits of all stakeholders,” he said.

Opeyemi Ibukun, a founding member of Crawford University alumni UK went memory lane how what started as a reunion of old students metamorphosed into a congress.

“The first meeting which was a reunion was held in 2011 to explore how to be a positive support to Crawford University. That is giving back to the university. That meeting gave rise to forming of a caretaker committee,” he said.

Mayowa Babalola, an associate professor Nazabayuv University, Kazakhstan in his keynote address titled ‘value expertise..’ said value is the sense of importance people give to something. He remarked that life can be very challenging, which is the reason best students sometimes struggle in the labour market; while those considered dullards can be seen succeeding.

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“It is important to understand the role of time in value development. Students should learn to work harder on themselves than on the job,” he admonished.

Babalola disclosed that it takes more than degrees for graduating students to develop sustainable income generation skills that will get them good jobs. He encouraged the students to develop skills and positive attitudes.

According to a former student of Crawford University, “developing the right attitude and relationship building is key to succeeding in a career. Mindset is very crucial. Positive mind-shift helps one to give it all.”

He reiterated that besides having the right attitude to work, fresh graduates need to equip themselves with expertise in their area of career.

“Learn specific skills, acquire more knowledge, if possible apply for your masters, etc,” he said.

On mental health, Babalola stressed that people will not thrive without healthy mental health.

“Students will not excel under unhealthy mental conditions. Universities, especially, Crawford should establish mental health unit to checkmate the incidences of students being destroyed by unhealthy mental scenarios,” he stated.

Crawford University is a private Christian University in Igbesa, Ogun State – Nigeria, owned by the Apostolic Faith Mission. It was established in 2005 by Paul Oge Akazue, a reverend, the then leader and third Overseer for the Apostolic Faith work across Africa. Paul Akazue was the Proprietor and the first installed Chancellor of the Crawford University, before his death in May 2010. The university was licensed by the National University Commission (NUC) in April 2005 and it started in September 2005.

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