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BLord Group diversifies into real estate business, others

BLord Group, a multifaceted organisation focused on Bitcoin trading, luxury store, and autos have said it will again be expanding into various business areas, one of which is real estate.

Linus Williams Ifejika, the young, creative mind behind BLord Group of companies made this known in a recent interview, where he emphasized on major reasons he ventured into the real estate business.

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According to him: “The Blord Group will be expanding into various business areas. Presently, we are one of the biggest bitcoin trading companies in Nigeria and Africa. We have a gadget store, B-lord Luxury Store and we have added B-Lord Real Estate.”

Speaking further, the serial entrepreneur avowed that he is focused on building his business and less concerned with impressing anyone or competing with anyone.

“I promised my mother that I will work hard and be successful. She is the only one I am out to impress.”

Ifejika who just launched his multiple million naira mansion in Awka, Anambra state pointed out that he doesn’t dabble in businesses simply because everyone is doing such business.

“It is not coincident that Blord bitcoin is the most sought-after cryptocurrency trader now. It is a business I took time to build up, built upon strong integrity. So, I choose the business I invest in.

“Many people have complained about being scammed by some unscrupulous bitcoin traders, but there has never been any complaint against us. We make our address known and I have my Whatsapp number open, so it is difficult for anyone to accuse Blord of a bitcoin scam,” he said.

Regarding his new business interest, he said: “The same way we have made Blord bitcoin a household name, we are going to build B-Lord Real Estate on a solid foundation.”

BLord Chairman also penned advice to emerging entrepreneurs, urging them to disabuse their mind about the idea of becoming successful overnight.

“You shouldn’t expect to make it overnight when you didn’t even start in the morning; start first brothers and I can assure you that over time, your hard work will pay off,” he stated.

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