Ariston commits to sustainable comfort for families with energy-efficient solutions

Ariston, a global leader in the thermal comfort industry, says it is committed to providing sustainable comfort for Nigerian families with its durable, high quality and energy-efficient heating solutions.

Coming at a time when energy cost is a huge challenge in many homes, this commitment raises hope for households whose income is badly affected by rising prices of heating products in the country.

The company’s commitment was expressed at its Country Manager’s Forum with the media jointly addressed by the trio of Richmond Aguiar, director, Central Africa, Habeeb Somoye, head of marketing, Central Africa, and Solomon Umoh, head of sales, Central Africa.

Aguiar disclosed that the company has consistently invested in research and development, leading to multiple advanced products with unique features. He added that each product features heat pumps for heating and solar efficient hybrid systems tailored to customer needs.

According to him, the Ariston range of products comes in water heating or heating form, including hybrid, powerflex and demand-response, noting that the products were designed to make users enjoy complete comfort and ease in their daily lives.

“We want everyone to feel comfortable and at ease in their daily lives. To make this possible, we help families, and our professional partners find the best solution straightforwardly”, he said.

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Ariston boasts requisite expertise that can deliver after-sale services in Nigeria of the highest professional standards and, according to Aguitar, this guarantees customers built-to-last high-performance solutions.

“The company’s range of products is designed to improve people’s serenity and quality of life and help them make more responsible choices,” he said, adding, “at Ariston, we strive to anticipate, proactively, emerging customer needs by making state-of-the-art heating and hot water solutions accessible to all.”

Also speaking, Somoye noted that the company took pride in its ability to deliver quality and reliable products and solutions.

“We believe firmly in the dependability of our products and solutions. This comes from our commitment to use the best components and materials available and to certify the quality of each product through checks and tests completed before, during and after production,” he said.

Continuing, he assured, “our products are tested and have gone through a check to the extent that they require no technical interventions in their first five years of service. We also get extra-quality assurance certifications issued by reliable third-party organisations across the entire supply chain sector.”

Somoye described the Ariston brand as one that has continued to live true to its heritage as comfort and care remain the driving force that has kept it entrenched in customers’ minds in all the markets where it operates.

“Thanks to our Italian origins and heritage; bringing comfort and caring for the home are in our DNA. This is reflected in our ability to face all challenges with optimism, confidence, and genuine warmth and elegance”, he noted.

Umoh noted that, as a brand, Ariston is the global expert in the heating and water heating industry, pointing out that it brings sustainable comfort to the homes of millions of families in the world every day, providing a wide range of solutions, characterized by enduring quality, high energy efficiency and iconic Italian style.

“Ariston is the leading and most international brand of Ariston Group,” he said, adding that “it is a global leader in sustainable solutions for hot water and space heating, components and burners with 92 years history.”

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