• Monday, December 11, 2023
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Ansar-Ud-Deen old students reward ex-teachers, celebrate 20th anniversary reunion

Ansar-Ud-Deen old students reward ex-teachers, celebrate 20th anniversary reunion

The old students of Ansar-Ud-Deen Girls High School Itire, Lagos, have presented their former teachers with gifts as part of activities to celebrate their 20th-anniversary reunion.

The old students presented gifts to the 17 former teachers who attended the event. They also gave an award of recognition to Emmanuel Bamigboye, chairman of Mushin Local Government, for his efforts towards educational development in the area.

Speaking at the event, Chima Omodanisi, coordinator of the class of 2002 reunion, said: “Alumni gathering like this allows us to celebrate the old moments or relationships we once felt as students; it is usually an emotional event that sparks nostalgia in everyone. Also, it presents an opportunity for teachers to meet with the students who were once part of their classrooms.

“To our teachers, we couldn’t have celebrated without you because you were a part of our journey and success. We, therefore, make bold to say that our success today in our chosen fields of endeavour can be attributed to the foundation you laid in us while at Ansar-Ud-Deen Girls High School Itire from 1996-2002.”

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Ruth Nwosu, head of the editorial team for the reunion, said: “We are bold to say that the discipline of those years still stayed with us. No wonder we are excelling at our different career paths, shattering glass ceilings, making business decisions, leading great minds and making an impact in our generation.

“We have professionals, entrepreneurs, CEOs, business owners across different industries in private and public establishments within and across different countries ranging from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, to mention a few.”

She said the school helped them to build confidence, eloquence, discipline, tenacity and friendships.

The former teachers were elated and commended the old students for honouring them.

“Today is one of my memorable days. We, your teachers, are being honoured and even rewarded with lots of surprising gifts; you are just wonderful. My joy knows no bound. The sky is your starting point; just take whatever profession you find yourself as your calling, be passionate about it and serve the humanity with sincerity of purpose. Your creator is watching and He is just; you will be rewarded beyond your imagination. I am indeed very proud to be one of those sent on earth to mould lives and you made me more proud,” one of them, Mrs Ibrahim, who taught Mathematics, told the old students.