Ajia says 33% rate of unemployment in Nigeria worrisome

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for Asa/Ilorin-West Federal Constituency, Ibrahim Mohammed Ajia has described the 33 percent statistics of unemployment in Nigeria as worrisome.

He said proactive measures have to be taken to reduce the rate of unemployment and youth restiveness across the country to further build a stronger and wealthy nation.

Ajia stated this shortly after the distribution of items worth millions of naira to empower PDP Youth Constituency of Ajikobi and Alanamu, Ojuekun Zarumi, Ogidi Oloje, Ubandawaki and Adewole wards all in Ilorin-West local government.

If voted to represent the good people of Asa/Ilorin-West Federal Constituency, Ajia vowed that he will use all his resources and influence to empower youths and women in his constituency and Kwarans at large.

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He said: “Unemployment is one of the biggest challenges causing insecurity in the country. To address the urgly trend; if I am voted to represent the good people of my constituency, I will as a matter of urgency, begin a process that will stimulate socioeconomic development of my Constituency.

“I will create access for Youth entrepreneurship, where youth will discover their talents and realise their dreams.

“I will consider the use of modern technologies in the process of “Aso-Oke” with a view of opening the very sector of our economy up to global markets. I will also ensures that our local fabrics is being use at home to stimulate our economy and facilitate sporadic development.”

The retired security chief encouraged youth to venture into agriculture businesses, noting that agriculture remained the sector that is always profitable and equally accommodates the large number of youths.

He promised to support any youth who is ready to venture into agro-business with incentives that can make them do well in their respective areas to provide large number of jobs, generate enough revenue and be self employed.

Ajia pointed out that young men and women, who had opted for entrepreneurship in the face of unavailability of white collar jobs, should be encouraged and motivated to become employers of labour.

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