Agrorite Introduces New smartest way to Save & Invest

A premier digital agricultural platform connecting smallholder farmers with Finance, Smart farming solutions and Premium markets, Agrorite says it has introduced a new smartest way to Save & Invest platform called Reaprite.

The company noted that the financial, monetary and credit systems are changing so quickly because of fast technology development.

In a statement, Co-founder and Managing Director of Reaprite, Tunde Saliu, said: ‘’There are many coming conversions from some elements to more modern ones, e.g. from cash to E-wallets or from bank credits to borrowing money through the internet by other users. That is why banks have to create time after time new lending instruments to keep their clients.

‘’Therefore, the FinTech market is not only new possibilities and perspectives for start-up companies, though, in the midst of global pandemic and economic recovery, we realize that ideas change lives for the better and you can still enjoy your best life and achieve financial goals if you choose to save and invest right. We also understand that many people struggle to save money, others find that saving allows them to finance their biggest goals without going into debt while some other people are looking to earn a passive income. No matter where you are on your financial journey, there is a plan on Reaprite that is tailored to suit your need. Sometimes all it takes is that first step in the right direction to get things moving in your favour.’’

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On his part, Founder, Toyosi Ayodele, said: ‘’With Reaprite you have the option of choosing from 5 saving plans with varying interest rates.

‘’Reaprite is offering every new user up to N2000 upon successfully signing up and referring a new user to download the app and save.

‘’To ensure the security of all transactions, the platform is designed with high-grade encryption of security data and adheres to the new Financial Security Standard. Furthermore, we use the payment to PCIDSSS compliant processor to handle your payments.’’

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