11 die in Caverton plane crash in Cameroon

A caverton plane has crashed on Wednesday in Cameron claiming the lives of 11 people onboard.

Investigations show that plane with registration number Haviiland DHC-6-400 twin otta on behalf of COTCO Cameron Oil Transport Company registration TJ-TIM performing a charter flight from Yaounde to Tomta (Cameron) with 11 people on board had returned to Yaounde due to weather, remained on ground for 75 minutes and returned and departed again to Domta at 12.46L with an endurance of about 4.5 hours.

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At 14.00L contact with the aircraft was lost and estimated arrival at Domta had been 14.34L. The aircraft did not land at airport beyond the endurance time.

The aircraft was later found crashed in a forest about two kilometers north of Nsem (Cameron) and the aircraft destroyed with no survivors. The aircraft was said to be carrying oil workers.

The Cameron Ministry of Transport confirmed the aircraft had crashed.

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