• Saturday, December 02, 2023
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Women’s skills, capabilities, value critical for company’s success –Accenture


The skills and capabilities women offer various multi-nationals and indigenous companies cannot be over emphasized and should be recognized and nurtured, Accenture, a multinational management, consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, has said.

The organization, which ranks as one of the world’s largest consulting firm measured by revenue, said it is interested in growing the numbers of women leaders around the globe and demonstrating commitment to the potential and the possibility for advancement, particularly in market-facing leadership positions.

“The skills, capabilities and value that women bring to the table are critical to a company’s success,” the firm said in a documentary commemorating the 2013 International Women’s Day, adding that as an organization, it is obligated to offer women leadership opportunities so it can attract, retain and ultimately, advance them.

“Through skills development, we help women aspire to get to the next level, building their confidence to take that step and provide a roadmap for successful careers and for positioning themselves in the right roles,” it said.

Organisations have continued to give women opportunities to prove their skills and capabilities. Women have continued to rise in their career paths globally, filling positions which, years ago were not deemed fit for women such as Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Vice Presidents of organizations, Managing Directors, Country Managers, Heads of Departments, Ministers and a host of others.

According to the firm, a woman’s ability to define and achieve her goals and to evolve them over time creates the opportunity to pursue and integrate career, personal interests and responsibilities.

“We strive to help our women access the global network to develop their plans, evolve them appropriately during different life stages, have confidence to ask for the next role and take risks along the way,” the firm said.

The organization said it has a range of initiatives, from succession planning to customize training, that help identify and advance its women leaders and arm them with the right skills for the right work with the right clients in the right locations.