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Local investors trade N950.8bn worth of Nigeria’s stocks in eight months

In eight months to August 31, Nigeria’s local investors (institutional and retail) exchanged stocks worth N950.76billion, which represents 78.34percent of the total N1.214trillion worth of shares traded same period on the Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX).

This value of equities traded by domestic investors increased remarkably from N731.02billion it was same eight months period in 2020, which represented 60.86percent of the year’s total trade worth N1.201trillion.

Summary of equities transactions month-on-month (MoM) shows that in January, investors exchanged stocks worth N232.46billion, February (N215.58billion), March (N228.49billion), April (N159.93billion), May (N97.19billion), June (N100.77billion), July (N89.77billion), and August (N89.42billion).

In January 2021, domestic investors traded stocks worth N184.94billion, while in February it was N153.51billion. In March 2021, domestic investors traded equities worth N187.85billion, April (N131.91billion), May (N76.90billion), June (N77.35billion), July (N74.24billion), and August (N64.06billion).

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Out of the record N950.76billion worth of equities deals by domestic investors, domestic retail investors accounted for N404.77billion while N545.99billion worth of equities deals were done by domestic institutional investors.

Same eight months period in 2020, institutional investors traded stocks worth N385.46billion while their retail counterparts traded N345.56billion worth of equities.

This represents remarkable outshine against foreigners in the market who traded listed stocks worth only N262.85billion or 21.66percent total value of stocks exchanged same period.

In the review 8 months period, foreigners invested only N123.46billion in Nigeria equities market while they took away N139.39billion.

In same eight months period in 2020, foreigners accounted for equities trades worth N470.2billion, representing 39.14percent of the total N1.201trillion worth of stocks exchanged same period in 2020. Foreigners had in same eight months period in year 2020 invested N161.31billion in Nigeria equities market while they took away N308.89billion from the market.

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