• Monday, December 11, 2023
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Is your career path marketable in the future?


 The recent trend in choosing a career is quite different from what was obtainable some years ago, presently when choosing a career most young people consider their relevance to the society in the future and how much they will earn instead of the relevance of their talent in building a career.

Truth be told, if you want to be guaranteed that your career will be a success, you will have to earn a degree in a field which will continue to grow well in to the future, at least a career that will remain competitive in the next couple of years.

Experts believe unprecedented revolution in the technology sector has caused rapid and almost un-predictable changes in career demand in recent times.

No doubt, careers in technology are one of the fastest growing of our age and looks to span into the future.

For a successful career in the near future you will have to make sure that you choose a sector within the technology field that is guaranteed to progress over your lifetime experts advise.

Computer Hardware Engineer and Software Developer, Systems Software Engineer are two major careers in this sector that are high in demand presently and are even expected to rise much higher in future.

Within the sector there is also a high demand for Network Systems and Data Communications analysts. These Analysts handle the virtual nuts and bolts of an I.T. department — designing, building, testing and maintaining information systems, internal or Internet-wide.

The reason for the rise in demand is believed to have been orchestrated by the rise in mobile data trend in smartphones, tablets and “cloud computing” (subscription-based or pay-per-use services like apps and data storage).

These careers require basically a four-year degree and provide a very high salary for so very little educational and technical background.

As the costs of the medical industry continue to rise, the need for quality and affordable employees within the sector also rise.

Research has discovered some of the highest paying careers in recent times are in the medical field. Common amongst them are; Dentist, Dr. Seuss once wrote, “Teeth are always in style.” Dentists surely think so.

They make their living diagnosing and treating our teeth and gums, and counseling us on how to maintain good oral health. Dental Hygienist according to experts is expected to grow in demand also because of the greater emphasis on health care.

Registered Nurse will always have great hiring opportunity because of its expanse (from pediatric care to geriatric care, and everything in between) and as a substantial chunk of our population ages, the necessity for qualified Registered Nurses intensifies.

Experts also say Veterinarians are among the top careers in recent times, thanks to rising national pet population and the increasing demand for livestock as a food supply. Veterinarians have been able to boost their earnings while enjoying enhanced job security.

Medical scientist study human disease and conditions, working in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and university research centers with an overpopulation and increased international travel which have quickened the spread of known diseases and given rise to new ones; SARS, AIDS and avian flu requiring new medicines and cures has led to an increased demand of Medical scientist.

The pharmacist and the physician are also high in demand.

The Engineering field also boasts of bright future experts says, the demand for Quality assurance engineers who are involved in software testing, serving as the gateway between the software programmer and the users of the programme are expected to rise.

Aerospace engineers who design aircraft, spacecraft, satellites and missile are also highly demanded presently.

Nuclear Engineer researches and develops ways to get benefits from nuclear energy and radiations also expected to rise in the near future.

Also expected to rise is the demand for Petroleum Engineer who design methods for extracting oil and gas from the earth’s surface which currently is one of the world’s most priced commodity.