• Friday, December 08, 2023
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American firm enters Nigerian market with water filter equipment


Nigeria has continued to be the toast of foreign investors as Revelations Water Technologies Inc, an American-based company has preferred to do business in Nigeria instead of Mexico as earlier planned.

The firm introduced potable water filter called Primeau into the Nigerian market with the primary objective of helping people get safe drinking water in a consistent and affordable manner.

From the demonstration of the system at the unveiling of the four litre capacity product which has backwash capability, in Lagos last week, the machine was able to filter mixture of water and ink to pure drinking water. Convinced on the equipment, Nigerians at the venue demanded for a bigger version of the equipment.

Speaking at the launch, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Ron Moser, emphasised that there is nothing more important than the business of life, adding that water is about the most crucial component of life. “There isn’t much anyone can do without water, yet millions of people all over the world do not have access to safe drinking water. Some who do have access, do not consistently enjoy safe drinking water,” he said adding that the various issues associated with drinking water inspired the design and production of the water filter.

Going by the brand name, Primeau, the water filter has eleven stages of filtration using the most advanced form of nanotechnology. Water filtered through these eleven stages is guaranteed safe to drink as the filter removes taste and odour as well as kills 99.99 per cent of

bacteria and other micro-organisms that can cause typhoid fever, cholera and other water-borne diseases.

According to Moser, the ability to kill bacteria, remove harmfulorganic compounds, heavy metals, particulate matter, cyst, giardia from water, and greatly improve the taste and odour, turning dirty water into clean water, clearly sets Primeau above and apart from other drinking water solutions. “Providing this at the most affordable

price with the right size, making it readily available to all groups of people, Primeau water filter is a solution for every household, office, school, etc,” he reiterated.