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Christian faithful urged to worship God in His glory

Believers and Christian faithful generally have been urged to imbibe the act of worshipping God in his glory and honour in recognition of his majestic place in human existence. This admonition was given at the 2019 annual thanksgiving service of Divine Mercy Baptist Church, Ikosi, with the theme, ‘Celebrating God’s Glory and Honour’.

“We need to know that it is God’s worship that dominates heaven as all the hosts of heaven have no other job than to worship God continually for who he is and for what he has done. We shall do well as saints on earth to borrow a leaf on the pattern of heavenly worship in order to make our worship here on earth a true worship,” Femi Popoola, the pastor of Divine Mercy Baptist Church, said.

According to him, the glory and honour of God point to God’s redemptive work in Christ Jesus. “As believers, we are to celebrate God’s glory and honour by belonging to God’s heavenly kingdom. Our celebration must be rooted in God’s heavenly kingdom; the primary purpose of man’s existence is to worship God,” Popoola said, emphasising that as people of God, “we need the spirit of God because without the spirit of God we cannot behold the glory and honour of God.”

Speaking further to the congregation on God’s glory, Popoola said: “The first thing to be given attention in the passage as we come to celebrate God today is to understand that the Bible gives us the revelation of God as God of indescribable glory and honour. God’s glory is so overwhelming and awesome that Apostle John grappled with the right words to describe the majesty of God on his throne in heaven.

“From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible does not fail to reveal God’s glory to us. However, in Revelation, we are made to see a glimpse of how much the earth is far from comprehending the glory of God as it were in heaven,” he further said.

Oluwaseyi Amasha, chairman, anniversary committee, said that when believers celebrate God’s glory and honour, God in turn smiles on us in his kindness; just as Psalm 22:3 says, God inhabits the praise of his people.

“God is the only being worthy of our celebration. He’s glorious, gracious, majestic, sovereign, supreme, immortal, invisible, and unsearchable. We are created and exist for this sole purpose – the worship of God.

“Apart from worshipping God for who he is, we also set today apart to worship him for what he’s done in our lives since last year we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the church. You may not be where you wish to be but you aren’t where you were last year. God deserves our praise for the things he has done in our lives, regardless,” Amasha said.



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