• Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Affordable, quality lifestyle underway for Lagos residents in Bewaji Grande

Affordable, quality lifestyle underway for Lagos residents in Bewaji Grande

Sabreworks, a company with core competence in Real Estate Brokerages, is developing a new housing project in Lagos to help aspiring Lagos residents to access affordable and quality housing.

The project known as Bewaji Grande is located at the heart of Dangote Refinery and is poised to redefine the housing experience in the city.

Segun Philips, managing director of Sabreworks, said the project is part of the company’s commitment to offer a seamless solution that combines nostalgia and modern comfort, providing an unparalleled place to call home.

According to him, Bewaji Grande is more than a regular land property, it is the perfect co-existence of tradition and contemporary comfort.

Philips said the real estate firm introduced Bewaji Grande, not just a property but a harmonious blend of old-school charm and the ease of modern living.

“Bewaji Grande invites prospective homeowners to indulge in a lifestyle where tradition seamlessly coexists with modern comfort. With meticulous planning, this development ensures not just a dwelling but an experience of serenity and convenience. It offers not only a home but a strategic investment opportunity,” Philips said.

Anthony Williams, a realtor, said the location of Bewaji Grande transcends from being a mere place to becoming an immersive experience of serenity, comfort, and peace.

“It is a destination that beckons anyone seeking an elevated living standard,” Williams said.

Jennifer Lawson, a realtor, said Bewaji Grande signifies a paradigm shift in residential living, adding that it goes beyond the confines of a home; it’s an embodiment of lifestyle and sophistication.