YouTube’s lists show Nigeria’s top creators, content of 2022

YouTube has released lists showing Nigeria’s top content creators, trending videos, music videos, and Shorts. The five lists are Top Shorts, a new list ranking the most viewed Shorts in Nigeria in 2022. Top trending videos, which ranks the most viewed Trending videos in Nigeria in 2022; Top music videos, which ranks the most viewed music videos in Nigeria in 2022.

Others are top creators, which is based on subscribers gained in 2022 in Nigeria. This list includes long-form, Shorts, and multiformat Creators. The final list is breakout creators, based on subscribers gained in 2022 in Nigeria, and channel tripling in size when compared to 2021 (+200% year-over-year growth). This list includes long-form, Shorts, and multiformat creators.

This year’s lists, according to YouTube reflect the most important moments to unfold in 2022 on and offline, such as the performance video for Mavins, Crayon, Ayra Starr, LADIPOE, Magixx and Boy Spyce’s song titled Overloading, Episode 24 Apocalypse of Selena Tested and SELINA, the Nollywood Romantic Comedy from Uduak Isong TV. In addition to the top trending videos of the year, the new list ranking top Shorts on YouTube in Nigeria features creators like Tov Family, Mc Shem Comedian and ILYA BORZOV who are growing their fan base

“Every year, the YouTube End-of-Year Top lists give us a glimpse into what people in Nigeria were most curious about. YouTube is the place where everyone comes to see what has and is happening in the world while participating in, and having an impact on, today’s culture,” the company said. “Whether it’s Shorts creators making millions laugh such as Oga Sabinus, or fascinating events such as the 100 days building a modern underground hut with a grass roof and a swimming pool by Mr.Heang Update, 2022 was an important year for us all and we cannot wait to see what the next year has in store for us.”

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Topping the list of top trending videos is Selina Tested – (Episode 24 Apocalypse), from the channel; Lightweight Entertainment. The list, YouTube says is based on a range of factors – beyond just views – that indicate how “trending” a video really is. The YouTube Culture & Trends team also considers engagement and looks at signals like shares and likes of a certain video.

Other top trending videos include; Selina – Nollywood Romantic Comedy starring Bimbo Ademoye and Daniel Etim Effiong by uduak Isong TV and Best Friends in the World: Senior Year | Episode 1 by Neptune3 Studios.

Under YouTube Shorts, the top were She used witchcraft to take our money (Baby almost cried) by Tov Family; Everyone Will Relate To This #Short by Mc Shem Comedian and Social experiment | What would you do? By Ilya Borzov.

YouTube also announced that YouTube Shorts are being watched by over 1.5B logged-in users every month and averaging over 30 billion daily views. The company also announced that YouTube paid more than 50 Billion (USD) to creators, artists, and media companies in the 3 years before June 2022.

The top music video was Mavins, Crayon, Ayra Starr, LADIPOE, Magixx & Boy Spyce – Overloading (OVERDOSE) [Performance Video] by Mavin records, while the top creator was Real OGB Recent, and top breakout creator was Neptune3 Studios.

The company also said that more than two million people participate in YouTube’s partnerships program around the world. YouTube’s subscription services, YouTube Premium and YouTube Music, now have more than 80 million users, including trailers, around the world.