Unending Heights launches own CBD oil line in Nigeria 

Unending Heights an Affiliate Marketing Company owned by Princess Lami’ah Momoh, Officially Launches it’s own CBD OIL Line In Nigeria.
This development makes it free for affiliates to register and get a free website and a referral commission on every product that is bought through their website. Customers can get Commissions of up to  ₦100,000 depending on what is bought and how many.
Momoh says this is way of empowering people who want to make an extra income and start their own CBD OIL business.
“All you need to do is give someone your website link to buy the Sterling Herbal products, once they buy, you get paid a commission.  People can easily make in excess of ₦1,000,000  in a month through this scheme and you can do it full time or part time.  You do not need to recruit anyone, no registration fees, no website fees, no autoships or monthly fees. Just refer and get paid,” she explained.
 As the Church of England is set to invest $10.5 billion into the cannabis industry and fortune 500 companies and highly influential individuals all over the world are investing in the cannabis industry, Princess Lami’ah Momoh does not see why Nigerians cannot benefit from it too.  So in making the company an affiliate marketing company and not a MLM company, she assured that everyone can benefit regardless of whether or not they have start up capital.
“In Nigeria, we realised, CBD oil was not really used as it is in other countries, so we decided to partner with farmers and producers of high quality CBD OIL in the USA, to deliver the most pure, potent and effective CBD OIL ever created”  Momoh said.
Momoh who was the first to introduce CBD OIL to Nigeria in 2017 has been a strong advocate for CBD OIL use especially in Nigeria because of it’s amazing health benefits.
She stressed that one of the common misconceptions of CBD OIL in Nigeria and worldwide is whether cannabis makes you high, adding that Sterling Herbal CBD OIL is extracted from the HEMP Plant and will not make anyone high or give the psychoactive effect associated with marijuana and hildren take it with no side effects.
The World media is agog with real life stories of the life changing effects of CBD OIL. Also, there are over 23,000 studies that show the benefits of CBD oil for a variety of diseases and health conditions.
 It’s backed by an enormous body of scientific research, enthusiastic public opinion and progressive laws, which is giving CBD the reputation it deserves as a groundbreaking health solution.
Sterling Herbal CBD Brand consists of the Sterling Herbal CBD OIL 750MG, Sterling Herbal CBD OIL 2400MG, which is the strongest strength ever to be seen in Nigeria, three times the strength of the 750MG and recommended by Doctors and medical practitioners  Sterling Herbal CBD Vape Pen 500MG, another first of it’s kind to be introduced to the Nigerian market, numerous testimonials on the vape pen are that it STOPS pain within 5 minutes of taking it.
“Sterling Colon Cleanser, is the most effective oxygen colon cleanse ever created, will help remove all the fecal matter and toxin waste in the body, whilst giving energy, and a great sense of well being. People are using it as a weight loss supplement. Sterling Herbal CBD Gourmet Tea is used to relax and can help combat anxiety and depression.
“Other testimonials from people who have used the Sterling Herbal CBD OIL in Nigeria and elsewhere in the world have said it helps with Cancer, Stroke, Parkinson’s, Autism, Dyslexia, Chronic Pain, High BP, Cholesterol, sleep issues, anxiety, asthma, seizures and lots of other issues. It is being given the name the Rolls Royce of CBD OIL,”  she said.
In a bid to ensure wide access  to the sterling Herbal CBD OIL, she said the company is giving  introductory prices for the Sterling Herbal CBD 750MG.  For a limited period of 30 days, people can buy the Sterling Herbal CBD OIL 750MG for ₦35,000