Titilola Ajayi premieres maiden movie, Aìmókàn

Aìmókàn, a Yoruba movie produced by Titilola Ajayi that portrays human obsession with the world was recently premiered in Ibadan.

According to Ajayi, the movie that also went live @officialyorubahoodtv Youtube channel is her maiden project as a producer. “This is my first personal financed project and if I am to describe making movies in the industry well I will start with Good movies aren’t cheap; so in all that we do we all should continue to pray for God’s grace”.

Speaking further on what inspired the production of the new movie; Ajayi disclosed that she was motivated by the need to address some of the societal vice that has to do with domestic violence, especially against men.

“Most times we often hear about domestic violence in homes and it’s always the females that have always been victims, but the society doesn’t want to care or know how the man is being treated in his home too. Hence I felt okay, the whole world needs to know that men also go through abuse but they can’t speak up for fear of being misconstrued or ridiculed,” Ajayi said.

On some of the challenges faced by young producers in the industry, Ajayi stated that being a rising actor in the industry has been tough. The Mass Communication graduate from Ajayi Crowther University said she sees herself as a work in progress, stating further that she has to multi-task to pay her bills. “As a matter of fact I am spending more to push myself out, but I have other business I do aside from acting even though the profession is a jealous one; smiles”.

She disclosed further that the movie, which was directed by Tokunbo Awoga also stared some Nollywood actors like Ibrahim Chatta; Bimbo Oshin; Kola Ajeyemi; Toyin Alausa; Ayo Adesanya; Baba Aderupoko, among others.

However, speaking to the clamour and fame that comes with the entertainment industry, which is considered ‘fake’, Ajayi said, “There’s no manual on how to live this life. So I tell people you are your own cheerleader, whatever you can do to build your self-confidence, please go for it, because whether or not you don’t the world will still judge you. So, live your life and do what you have to do to be a better version of you. You only live once,” Ajayi said.

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