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Social Distancing With OkadaBooks This Weekend

More people are staying put in their homes, thanks to Covid-19. What this also means is that you might have more time in your hands than you know what to do with. So, it’s imperative we remind you that you can always find comfort in the warm embrace of books.

Here’s your reading list for this week.

How to Win Your Lover Back From an Ugly Side-chick by Victory Obodo

This author wants to put side-chicks out of business. According to him, “If you are a man, get this (book) for your woman and equip her with the means to deliver you from temptation.” I don’t think many men will appreciate him divulging secrets from the bro-code, but you be the judge of that. Read More.

Social Media Usage Guide for Health Workers by Dr. Ayomide Owoyemi, et al.

The advent of social media has created new benefits and challenges for the medical field. We’re in an age where there’s a need for healthcare professionals to engage on social media to provide accurate health content to dispel medical misinformation. This book serves as a guide for healthcare workers and recipients to safely navigate the social media space, especially at a time like this. Read More.

 Enjoying Divine Health

Divine health is the birthright of every believer. Sadly, many don’t really know how to live in it. This book sheds light on some of the important, but commonly neglected, aspects of living in the aforementioned divine health – proper dieting, exercise, medication, and understanding your body. Read More.

 Stress Less, Enjoy better Health

Since forever, health experts have been advocating for you to live a less stressful life. It’s time to finally heed their warnings. Learn the secrets to control stress, improve health and increase productivity. Read More.

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