• Friday, December 08, 2023
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Parenting shoes

Parenting shoes

As funny as it may sound, there is a beautiful similarity between shoe making and parenting even though both topics seem completely unrelated.

I did quite a bit of research on shoe making and the evolution of shoes and it will surprise you to know that the similarities between the two are quite outstanding. One of the amazing shoemakers gave this quote” a shoe is an outer covering and if we must be on our feet all day then we must make them comfortable”.

A child is a gift and a reflection of their parents, if we must reap the fruits of our labour, then we must be willing to make the sacrifice of raising them well. One of the collectors from the documentary sole society said, “we always want our shoes to complement our outfit as parents always want to scream at the top of their voice when their children are being awarded or spoken highly of.”

What makes a shoe beautiful is beyond the colour, it is the carefully selected materials used in making the shoes even as the style and patterns evolve, the materials never loose it’s quality or value. In parenting, the values and morals instilled or transferred to your children should weather the storm of our evolving culture, it should stand the test of this era. There should be an intentionality and benefit of staying through to your vision while wearing your parenting shoes.

Parenting and shoe making both require careful attention to details, a combination of skill and creativity and an unwavering commitment to producing a product that is functional, durable and loveable. In shoe making, every stitch, cut and seam must be carefully executed to ensure the quality and functionality. In parenting, attention to the well-being and development of the child is crucial, understanding their emotions and emotional needs, monitoring their physical health and ensuring we create a nurturing, healthy and supportive environment for them to thrive.

To make an outstanding shoe or collection, you require skill and creativity. The combination is essential to get the work done, a skilled craftsman must possess the technical expertise to work with different materials and tools also incorporating the creative vision into the design. Parenting requires a range of skills, you are ever learning from basic caregiving to problem solving, intentional communication and decision making, as parents we must learn to tap into our creative wells to adapt to different situations and find innovative solutions, wisdom lives on the inside of you, and you have the spirit of God.

Perseverance and patience are demanded from shoe making and parenting. They are both time consuming and the process requires a lot of attention to details and the ability to work through challenges and setback. We walk in our own shoes for a lifetime, parenting is a lifelong journey that requires a lot of patience in navigating the ups and turns of raising our children. From sleepless nights to handling their big emotions, tantrums, rebellion and so on.

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As parents, we must never give up on our children, we remain steadfast in our commitment to guiding and supporting them.

An Italian shoemaker said you pour all of you into making the shoe, the materials can feel the love from the maker, when the client wears the shoe, the feeling expressed says it all. Another similarity is nurturing and facilitating growth. Parents play a vital role in nurturing their children’s physical, emotional and intellectual development. They provide love, guidance, opportunities for exploration and learning. The way a shoemaker carefully shapes and molds a shoe to fit its purpose is the same way a parent molds their children.

Applying the principle of shoemaking into the art and science of parenting will help us on our journey in parenting. Just the way our shoes are the outer covering of protection, so are we parents the outer covering for our children.

A shoe reflects who wears it, a child reflects their parent.

Shoes provide comfort and support; a wholesome upbringing sets the foundation for a child’s journey.

Parents, wear your parenting shoe, it gives your child a cushion effect on the times we are approaching. The more you wear this shoe, the more you give life to it.

Let’s remember that the intensity of the wax does not allow for penetration, there is a resistance, so do not allow the world decrease your intensity for nurturing your children, you are making them impenetrable.