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Okada Books for the weekend featuring “Ekwensu Harvest” and Others



This is a story about three best friends, Tola; a stock broker, Ini; a model and Kimberly an unemployed daughter of two successful parents whose shoes she has refused to fill, but rather follow her own dreams of being a writer, and who also happens to be the narrator.

The story looks into the lives of these three young, independent and beautiful women, as they navigate through their lives, struggle through their careers and find love in the strangest places. Read it here

EKWENSU’S HARVEST by Andrew Ifeatu Jennifer

What would you do if you could witness the African Igbo deities speak, laugh, eat, love and feel pain? This book explores the rich culture of the Igbo culture and the lives of the pantheons, this is an intriguing story of love and betrayal. It is a tale of Africans written by an African for Africa and the whole world. Read it here

31 SPOONFULS by Olubukunola Omodara

This is a book about choices, as this are what make or mar us. They decide in what directions our lives will go. It is this choices that will make our destinies shoot forth and bloom into success and a fulfilled life, and itsthis same choices that will decide if they will wither and dies, never seen, never heard from, like a still born. Read this book about choices and how to make the right ones here

IMMORTALITY by Samiat Olayide

What happens when your neighbor isn’t who you thought, it started from a simple cry for help and then later turned to something bigger than she could have imagined. Read this gripping story and found out how Dora in her bid to assist helpless Ralph is thrown into an age long feud with noting to go on except knowledge from a certain police officer, Deyinde. Anything to stay alive? What if anything is everything? Join Dora and her partners as they find that out. Check it out here



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