‘Nigeria’s entertainment industry has so much potential, need to be developed’

Uche Odoh is a photographer, filmmaker and content creator.

Uche Odoh is a photographer, filmmaker and content creator. In this interview, she unveils to Anthonia Obokoh the premiering of her debut web series and what Nigeria can do to improve the entertainment industry.

As a content provider, how will you evaluate Nigeria’s entertainment industry?

The Nigerian entertainment industry has so much potential, which need to be developed as we are already playing on the global stage. We need more Nigerians to consume and appreciate more Nigerian content thereby creating demand for it. We also need the government and corporate organizations to invest in the industry by creating grant and opportunities for filmmakers to tell our stories.

What is the web series ‘Life As It Is’ is all about?

‘Life As It Is’, is a dramedy that follows the coming of age story of a young girl NARA who is a fresh university graduate, trying to navigate life while dealing with family, friendships, relationships and building a career. It tells the story of unrequited love, the challenges young girls face trying to get a job in Nigeria and so many other themes.

 What are your expectations from Life As It Is?

Creating content that inspires, and changes lives has always been my vision, I want people to watch it and be able to relate so they will see a character that reminds them of themselves.  However, I want to collaborate with brands and also to develop more seasons of Life as it is for Television.

The seasons are is on YouTube which is a global platform, so we want eyes from all over the world to see it as part of our contribution to changing the African narrative.

What inspired the idea of the web series?

The idea for the series came at a time when I was having a creative block. I had to dig deep to come up with something i have experience before. I wanted to create something light for the heart and content that was relatable. Also, I noticed the youth does not have enough content targeted at our age group so why not come up with something that they will enjoy.

How much did you invest in the web series production?

From pre production to the release of our web series, we spent a little over 6 million naira which by some standards is expensive for a web series but we wanted something of good quality that can also go on TV.

How did you dive into the entertainment industry?

My foray into the entertainment industry started in 2007 when I participated in Amstel Malta office where I was a part of the top 5 contestants. After the show I started my modelling career which opened my eyes to Television and film production so it was only right that after I retire from modelling that I pursuit my interest in Film and Television.

Do you think the entertainment industry has what it takes to be the hub for Africa’s entertainment?

Yes Nigeria has what it takes to be Africa’s entertainment hub but we need more involvement from government and corporate bodies. Provide grants for creative’s to start up their careers and give us tax cuts. We also need to fight piracy by having functional governing bodies and proper distribution channels.

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