• Thursday, December 07, 2023
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Nigeria’s creative industry gets 8 Point Agenda

Nigeria’s creative industry gets 8 Point Agenda

By: Agha Chizaram

Hanatu Musa Musawa, Minister of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy has unveiled her vision to make Nigeria the creative, cultural and entertainment capital of the world.

The said mandate is contained in an 8-point agenda aimed at growing the entertainment, arts and cultural sector thereby creating new jobs for Nigeria’s artistic expression resource: The Nigerian people.

According to Musawa, the Nigerian culture holds a valuable currency. The 8-point plan was created in the hope of delivering the potential of the sector as the creative economy becomes the new ‘oil’ and innovation, as well as the culture of the country.

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First, The Nigeria Destination 2030 is designed to grow the arts, culture and creative economy under one united vision. This vision is to make Nigeria become Africa’s creative capital, creating more jobs, more inbound visitors and more local opportunities that will enhance the development of all creative sectors.

The second in this 8-point agenda prioritizes skills development to ensure professionals are prepared to excel in their respective fields through comprehensive training programs.

The agenda further includes the fast track in improvement, creation and implementation of policy frameworks that effectively stimulate increased revenue generation, job creation and sustainable growth across the entire sector. Still part of this agenda is to secure and safeguard the creations of artists and content creators.

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Before 2030, the team seeks to develop a comprehensive and effective strategy for the arts, culture and creative economy. A part of this agenda is to gather smart strategic mindsets that will further stimulate investments.

The creative economy further seeks to elevate Nigeria’s GDP, in plans to rank amongst the top 20 globally in terms of GDP contribution, wealth creation, employment and poverty reduction.

Point 7 aims at enabling business environments in the hope of prioritizing infrastructural development aided by digital transformation. Moreover, in the last point agenda, the vision seeks to preserve Nigeria’s cultural heritage and sustainability while fostering tourism and economic growth.

In summary, with these agendas, Hanatu promises to be relentless in bringing home lost artefacts including the Benin Bronzes.

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