• Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Navigating black tax In a different way: Building a brighter future together

Navigating Black Tax In A Different Way: Building a Brighter Future Together

By Sola Adesakin

Imagine a puzzle made of money, history, and family ties. Black Tax is like this puzzle for many people. It’s about money responsibilities that are peculiar to African families.

Black Tax refers to the financial responsibilities and obligations that individuals of African descent often face, where they feel a sense of duty to financially support their extended families and communities. This burden can include providing for family members who might be struggling financially, paying for education or other expenses for younger siblings, and helping relatives who may have fewer opportunities due to historical disadvantages. But guess what? We can find smart ways to solve this puzzle and create a better future.

The Money Challenge We Share:

The black tax is not just about money. It’s also about how we feel and think. People in families often feel they need to help each other out by giving money. This can make it hard for them to chase their own dreams and make their own lives better.

Working Together for a Stronger Future:

It is not enough to encourage the younger ones to not help their family members, but how can we also encourage empowerment for more members of families and societies in a way that will promote collective prosperity as opposed to a very few people carrying the burden of the entire family?

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Black taxes are usually tough on the person on whom demands are often made, and that is why it is important for families to jointly think and strategize on how each and everybody can pull their weight. When people work together and help each other, they can do amazing things. Families can team up to save money, support each other’s dreams, and help the next generation succeed. This teamwork can help break the cycle of always owing money.

New and Smart Ideas for Success:

We all know that new ideas can make things better. When it comes to the black tax, there are smart ways to make a change. Education is a powerful tool. By studying hard and getting good jobs, younger people can lift their families out of tough financial situations. For example, let’s say a younger person becomes a doctor. They can help pay for their siblings’ education, which means more people in the family can have good jobs too, rather than just handing down money for sustenance. Even the older ones can subject themselves to learning and financial empowerment by learning new skills and applying themselves to creative work.

Starting a business is another smart move. Instead of only working for others, someone can create their own job by starting a business. This can make money for them and also offer jobs to people in the community. For example, someone might open a business that employs serious and committed family members, providing jobs and making life easier for everyone. The key words are serious and committed.

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Taking Care of Yourself Along the Way:

Please keep in mind that, even though it’s wonderful to help family, it’s crucial not to forget about yourself if you’ve been paying black taxes. Trying too hard to help can make you tired and unhappy. It’s like trying to fill a cup with water from a well that’s running dry. So, while helping, also remember to take care of yourself, chase your dreams, and find balance.


Black tax might sound like a big problem, but it’s a challenge we can tackle together. By using education, teamwork, and clever ideas like starting inclusive businesses, we can make a real difference. This journey won’t be easy, but it will create a better path for families and help them make a brighter future. Just remember, we are all in this puzzle together, and by working as a team, we can find the missing pieces and build something amazing.