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Lasgidi Cultural arts depict COVID-19 experiences in 2020 art exhibitions

The annual Lasgidi Cultural Arts events, amidst all odds, recently held it’s 10th edition on the 17th to 20th of September, 2020 at Freedom Park, Lagos Island.

This year’s edition, which was graced by the Commissioner of Arts and Culture was themed, “Aftermath of COVID-19” following the tragic incidents that shook the world and the lasting impression it left in our society at large.

According to the Corrator and initiator of the Lasgidi cultural arts, Abebi Akerele, she said that all the paintings from this year depict the COVID-19 experience.

“With the happenings from the lockdown and the post-COVID-19 experience, we came up with a creative idea to create artistic designs with nose masks to increase safety measures.”

She further said, “Most of the paintings are based on doctors, patients, nose masks, and the likes. All of these designs is to serve as a constant reminder of the pandemic that struck the world.”

Speaking during an interview, she said that the Lasgidi art exhibition is a platform where students from universities across the country come out to display their artworks and creativity.

In her words, “The students get a lot of exposure from this event. We have some art galleries that showcase the students’ artwork, thereby giving them leverage in the art world.

More to this, the media, the press, and our online platform also help in promoting the students’ drawings and painting.

Most of the artworks after exhibitions are displayed on our online sites, and in art galleries to promote their works, and create a platform for them.”

Abebi also said that annually, Students with the best artworks are rewarded at the annual Lasgidi art and culture. “We have an annual art competition where we give the best student cash prices ranging from #200,000 and above. Also, the best artworks are exhibited at galleries across the nation.” She said.

Abebi in her conclusive speech said that the Lasgidi cultural arts is an initiative that sprouted out of the love for arts, it was a cultural heritage passed down from her grandparents to her.

According to her, she is trying to bridge the gap between these art students and the art buyers.

“I used to go to Yabatech where the students do their art exhibition and I found out that most of them complain about the constraint they experience in exhibiting their artworks. So in 2011, during their art exhibition, I decided to bridge the gap between these art students and the buyers that were when the Lasgidi Cultural Arts initiative was formed and it came to be. This is the 10th year of its kind.” She added.

She acknowledged the government and other private organizations that have so far supported the initiative.

Speaking also at the event, one of the sponsors Eni Eniola, CEO, One78 foundation expressed that there are lots of talented people out there that do not have an avenue to showcase their talents, hence have limited or no opportunity at all to soar in their endeavours.

In his words, “There are lots of talented people that do not have an avenue to showcase their talents. Most people focus on the big names and already made artists. I believe that this exhibition will go a long way in supporting their art careers”

There should be exhibitions like this across the country to help students.”

He further added that the government is doing their best but can do more for the students.

Eniola said, “The government has come a long way in the art world but can do more like providing funds and creating platforms where the students and youths generally can promote their artworks.”

According to him, he emphasized that the One78 foundation focuses more on helping needy women and children but having been introduced to the art he sees it as an avenue to further help part of the population which are the youths.

“It’s the first time sponsoring an art event like this, and it’s something I intend to keep up with because it helps a part of the population which are the youths. Our focus is usually the youths and the children but I’m glad to support and promote the youths through this avenue.” He noted.

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