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How I built a career round brand influencing on social media — Ashmusy

A rising brand ambassador and in influencer, Amarachi Amusi, popularly known as Ashmusy, has charged aspiring younger ones to be ready to surmount the challenges ahead in building a career for themselves.

Ashmusy, who started her social media career on Instagram in May 2018, said she has since found a platform and eventually a career in skit making which she birthed along with other engagements she is currently involved with on the social platform.

Amarachi who has garnered almost 300,000 followers on Instagram and is widely regarded as one of the most significant female brand influencers in Nigeria, is currently on Instagram page amassing hundred of thousands of views per skit she uploads, which to her is a money making opportunity.

Today, Amarachi, the proud CEO of Ashmusy Empire and Ashmusy Hair, which deals with the sales of hair products, shoes, perfumes, bags, make-up and everything fashion for women.

She is also the convener of Ashmusy business school where lectures are carried out and people are taught how to become brand influencers and own their own businesses.

As a Top Brand influencer, Amarachi has bagged numerous endorsement deals from top brands like Patricia, Dynasty Lounge, Bolt Nigeria, Royalty Skin Glow, to name a few.

Amarachi started Instagram with her eyes on the prize, using her beauty to create a brand, her passion for acting to influence her brand to a wider audience and her brains to monetise her brand.

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