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Nigerian coconut rice and chicken


It is time to try new recipes from the Nigerian kitchen, not only vegetables are important in our cooking, but also coconuts. Whether you are eating the coconut meat, drinking the juice or consuming it as oil, coconut is a delicious and nutritious source of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and amino acid.

It has tons of calcium, potassium and magnesium. This time we are blending the coconut meat and extracting the oil preparing it with rice the most widely consumed food or staple at large in the Nigerian  kitchen menu  and other parts of the world, bringing out the real taste of coconut.




200g (1cup) of rice

11/2liters of water

1kg of boiled chicken

1 bulb of chopped onion

1 bulb of sliced onion

1/2liter of vegetable  oil

2  Cups of coconut extracts

A drupe of coconut

A cup of blended pepper and tomatoes

Tomato paste

Curry powder

Thyme powder






Place a neat pot on the heat then add one and half liters of the water ,allow to boil for some seconds, pour the rice in the boiling water leave it to boil for twenty minutes, pour the per boiled rice in a sieve then cover it for the liquids to come out.


Heat a clean pot on fire, allow to dry add the groundnut oil, when the oil is hot, put the chicken bit by bit allow to fry but it should not be deep brown, bring it out, add the chopped onion allow to fry for some seconds add the tomato paste and put your grinded pepper and tomatoes allow to fry for ten minutes stir in the process of frying.


Pour the coconut extracts, add the powdered thyme and curry, add the seasoning of your choice and little salt to taste, after ten seconds, place the fried chicken in the boiling stew, allow the chicken to steam then bring it out add your per boiled rice and allow to simmer, when the coconut water is almost dried up, sprinkle the sliced onion on it then cover it for the liquids to dry up.

Break the drupe of coconut, rinse it with clean water and cut to any shape of your choice, then fry till its deep brown. Then serve while it’s hot


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